Guide for a Perfect body and health care tips

You can bring a lot of positive changes in your lifestyle for good health, beauty and happiness. You don't need to put a Herculean effort for this rather you need to inculcate some positive habits. Read on to find how to make this possible.

Eat healthy
You and your health is what you eat and what not. Eating healthy makes a lot difference in your life. Increase the intake of fruits in your daily diet more. Have at least five fruits and vegetables per day. Take less saturated fat and you will see that you improve your health and ca reduce the risk of many chronic diseases like cancer. So the advice is, have a healthy and nutritious diet balanced with all the required and basic nutrients.

Weight less to live longer and healthier
Maintaining a healthy weight that is under 18 to 25 of your BMI (Body Mass Index) will keep you away from more than 70% of the total health problems. IN countries like U.S. obesity is an epidemic as more and more people are getting affected to it. This is the cause of the cause of many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Check your weight, have a proper diet and exercise regularly.

Get yourself moving
Physical inactivity is the cause of many health related problems. Many people complain about the lack of time to be physically active for better health and vitality. This may result into the development of health related hazards, particularly for those who have crossed the 30-age mark. For all those people who have crossed the 30-year line should spend at least 30 minutes of physical activity. It doesn't ask for money but it asks for commitment. Start with simple and basic exercise that you already know and follow up a routine for all those. You can change activities to avoid getting bored. Play music, it will really keep you going and motivated. You can also indulge yourself in day to day activities like gardening, cutting grass, swimming, jogging or dancing etc.

Quit smoking
Smoking is the most stylish way of harming ones body that people indulge in. Puffing cigarettes burning your lungs, tissues and cells is nothing more than inviting life taking disease like cancer. One research throws light into the fact that smoking and triple the rate of heart diseases in the people in the age group of 35 to 55. Get yourself checked up regularly.

Defeat Stress
Due to growth of industries and competition in the market people are getting more stressed than ever before. Stress decreases the output of any worker and also breaks down the health. Balancing stress pouring from home and office is really challenging. Keep yourself alive and kicking as you indulge yourself in various stress busting activities. Relax, meditate, take breaks, and entertain yourself and various others. Bring fun in your life....