How to Apply Eyeliner, Applying Eye Liner

Eyeliner is special makeup kit that plays a very important part in defining the shape of your eye. It is one of the most important accessories for makeup that is used used to give proper shape and size to your eyes. Eyeliner is used after eye shadow and before mascara. It adds the dramatic touch to your face and at it can also be used to give a light feel to your face.

If you have light colored eyes then we suggest you to go for brown, navy and charcoal eye liners. Darker shades like brown and plum will look good with dark brown and black eyes. When you are using pencil eyeliner you should sharpen it before applying as sharpened eyeliner will bring fine lines in the eyes.

Follow some of basic consideration and steps for applying eyeliner.

  1. Have a perfect picture of the kind of look you want to have before you start anything. Use pencil eyeliner to define your soft eyes. Use a flat brush to have a moisten dark eye shadow.
  2. You can make several alterations to your eyeliner makeup with little tricks and can have fantastic results.
  3. Add a small amount of water to your brush before you do the dark eye shadow makeup. Using a sharpened pencil can be of a great deal to you.
  4. Slightly move the wet brush through your cake liner or dark shadow. Hold the brush or pencil as you would hold a pen while applying it on the eye.
  5. Tilting your head back with your eyes slightly open will bring the eyes in the perfect shape.
  6. Use liquid eyeliner or the pencil eyeliner to draw a line across the upper lid just above the lashes starting from one corner of eye to the other. Allow the eyeliner t dry up incase you are using a liquid eyeliner because you will find the best of potential for various reasons.
  7. Soften your work done by the pencil or liquid eyeliner using cotton flab and facial powder.
Put a slight lining in the lower lids of your eyes. Draw a thin line of eyeliner across your eye. Use a makeup brush or an eyeliner pencil to gently stroke the area.