Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring hair removal is one of the best methods for hair removal because of how affordable it is, how efficient it is and how inexpensive it can be. If you are looking for a way to remove hair from your body, you will want to consider this method. It uses products that you probably already have within your home. There are plenty of reasons to give it a try and with its lasting results, it may work just fine for your needs.

Sugaring hair removal is an ancient practice from the Middle East whereby natural gel or paste is prepared from sugar, lemon, and water in order to get rid of hair follicles from the roots. The effect can last to about nearly six weeks.

What sugaring hair removal is all about?

Natural ingredients are used for sugaring hair removal. It is also called sugar waxing. The method adopted is quite similar to waxing.

The paste is warmed up material that is thick. This paste is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Then again it is applied in the direction of the hair growth by hand. It is then removed in the direction of the hair growth.

The gel is applied in the direction of the hair growth and then removed in the opposite direction.

Procedure of Sugaring hair removal

  • Hair must be trimmed to the required level. At least 1/4th inch or 6mm in length.
  • The area where sugaring hair removal is to done must be cleaned up and dried.
  • Remove all the oils and creams. Towel dry and then apply some talcum powder.
  • Apply the sugaring paste in the direction of the growth of the hair.
  • Use a cotton strip to remove the hairs.
  • Pull the strip rather sharply while pulling out the hairs.
  • Hold the skin firmly while doing so.

Advantages of Sugaring Hair Removal

The top advantages of sugaring hair removal:

  • An experienced person can do it well. Large quantity of hairs can be removed at one go. It is faster than waxing. In the case of waxing one has to apply in a limited area; but in the case of sugaring hair removal a large area can be covered. At a stretch making it a quicker process.
  • The paste and gel can be prepared at home.
  • Easy to clean up. Both the paste and the gel are soluble in water. One can clean up the residue with plain water.
  • One can put the paste and gel over an area that has just been covered in order not to miss any hairs.
  • In course of time frequent sugar hair removal can prevent hair growth.
  • Less irritation as compared to waxing.

Disadvantages of Sugaring Hair Removal

Primary disadvantages of sugar hair removal are:

  • Some beauty salons as well as spas use wax that has been mixed with sugar, but it is not a substitute to the actual paste and sugar.
  • About 1/16th inches of hair growth is required to make use of this technique. This would mean 2 to5 days of hair growth after shaving.
  • Preparing the paste at home means that one should do it well in order for it to catch the hair.
  • It is more expensive than waxing. It is not done in most places like waxing.
  • Lack of adequate knowledge about cleanliness can cause much problem in the skin area. The skin can become extremely red.

Sugaring hair removal is a safe and convenient method. It is an effective method of removing hair.

Sugaring hair removal techniques have been used for quite a long time. It is an effective and affordable method of hair removal.