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Benefits of the Moringa leaf

Posted on July 27, 2006 in Herbs and spice

It could be said without any doubt that from the pure Moringa Tree Leaf we can get very good benefits for the health, which are very much reported in studies of the leaf. It is the organic, natural, endurance and energy supplement of health. In other words, it’s the ultimate thing. And the post beneficial and purest part of the plant is the powdered Moringa leaf.

According to the annals of the ayurveda, India’s old tradition of medicines, the leaves of the Moringa Tree could treat at least 300 diseases.

Moringa leaf has no proven bad effects and is absolutely safe and organic. Because of its tolerant properties, it has been given to malnourished little babies in Africa. Athletes all over the world boost their performance abilities by taking huge quantities of the leaf to keep them fit both mentally and physically. It is their secret weapon. Even for senior citizens who are losing their sharpness of mind, the Moringa tree leaf could be a great help. In fact the powder is suitable for people from any age group.

The Moringa leaf is comparatively an unheard name in spite of the fact that it has been found mentioned more than two thousand years before, and the World Health Organization has been observing and utilizing the tree for more than forty years now as a cheap health supplement in the poverty-stricken countries the world over. There is a reason behind this. The selling of all kinds of health supplements, minerals and vitamins is a lucrative business. No big company would ever take the risk of introducing a name that could potentially harm and lower the sale of all other nutritional items. The same holds water for the pharmaceutical countries too. These huge companies would prefer to keep the general public in the dark about the benefits of the Moringa leaf to make big bucks for their own.

Moringa leaf

Written below are the benefits of the Moringa Leaf:

  1. Increases the Natural Defenses of the body
  2. Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain.
  3. Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients
  4. Promotes the Cell structure of the body
  5. Promotes natural Serum cholesterol.
  6. Lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  7. Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney.
  8. Beautifies the skin
  9. Promotes energy
  10. Promotes proper digestion
  11. Acts as an antioxidant
  12. Takes care of the immune system of the body
  13. Promotes healthy circulatory system
  14. It is an anti-inflammatory
  15. Gives a feeling of general wellness
  16. Supports the normal sugar levels of the body.

Moringa leaf boosts your energy in a natural manner, and is a remarkable source of nutrition. This energy promotion does not happen because of sugar, so it is lasts for a long time. Individuals ingesting it say that their ulcers are healed, tumors restricted, there are reduction in the arthritis pains and inflammations, controlled blood pressure, the skin problems are restored, and finally they have stronger defenses against diseases.

Another property of the Moringa leaf is its soothing ability, because of which it can lower the blood pressure and promotes good sleep. It can also purify water since it has a detoxifying effect. Also a coagulant agent, Moringa can attach itself to hazardous bacteria and other materials, a process that is surmised to occur in the body too. The happy outcome is more sustained energy without any over-activity, balanced hormone and gland system, controlled blood pressure, and a rested nervous system.

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114 Responses to “Benefits of the Moringa leaf”


    l want to receive testimonies of the cure from Moringa leaf powder. and how it could heal people with stroke and blood pressure as well

  2. chimwemwe Says:

    Moringa leaf is the best natural medicine

  3. Lakshmi Moorty Says:

    Your page has valuable info of the benifits of moringa leaves. I am diabetic and I am very eager to use in my diet.

  4. Chimwemwe Says:

    Thanks for Moringa leaves. its a Miracle tree

  5. Franklin Igwe Says:

    I am so much interested in using this miracle leaf. But I do not know the name by which it is locally known in Nigeria (my country). Would really appreciate your help here. Perhaps full photos of it might help me in its search. Thank you.

    Kind Rgds,

  6. cecilia Says:

    I nomarlly don’t have a good sleep. But after using moringa for sometime now i sleep like a baby the moringa tree is very good. Thank God for such a good and miracles tree

    Cecilia from Ghana

  7. Agossa Charles Says:

    Well,my dad introduced the moringa leaves to me some couples of days now.Initialy I didn’t believe it until I gave it a try.To say the least,I want to say it’s God sent.Thanks to mom who convinced me.

  8. Mesha Says:

    I am interesting in using this miracle tree, I would like to know if the moringa teabags that is advertised is as good as the leaf freshly picked from the tree, and also my 15months old baby has exzema, can she drink the moringa tea?
    Thank you for your response.
    Mesha from Jamaica.

  9. jacob magnusen Says:

    i am a proud producer of moringa leaf powder in GHANA and i use it in curing my heart illness and it is working wonderfully,glory be to GOD and this great tree of life.


  10. John Doe Says:

    Please i want to know if the moringa herb treats heart diseases?

  11. Kofi Biney Says:

    just love it eventhough it seems difficult to drink it you can use it in so many ways.

    Just drink it with your health in mind.

    I have lots of testimonies beyound reason.

    stay cool

  12. Debora Says:

    I have a question? how many powerder forms of Moringa are there? I was shown a green poweder and brownish poweder. I took it for with poridge and to my surprise l have developed a pain in my heart like ulcers. When l took the green poweder it went down with a burning sunsestion like hot paper is this really moringa, because you say it heals ulcers. I also vomitted after taking it in the morning with porridge. Please reply so that l know. I was told to be taking thee green poweder in the morning and the brownish poweder in the evening.

  13. diane from California U.S. Says:

    I am wondering if there has been any usage of this plant for canines (dogs)). My dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday, apparently the most invasive form. It is in her liver, spleen, and throughout her lymph nodes. The Vet said she has anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks to live, her best guess. Does anyone know ow long this Moringa takes to start working? I would like to find a way to obtain some as soon as possible.
    I have also been diagnosed with aliments such as Cancer, Lyme Disease and another Ricketsea Disease. I am eager to try it too. I also have Family members with very active cases of Lyme Disease. Very little is known about Lyme Disease being in California. I have been researching natural remedies for years, and I had never heard of Moringa. I have heard that there is a plant that grows where nothing else grows that has remarkable healing Properties. I wonder if this is it?
    Is there anyone that might know someone who has any available in Southern California? Time is critical for my little dog.
    I have a Nutritionist I am working with who referred me to this product. I have Tremendous Respect for this person. He is in Virginia, United States. He said it will take about 3 days to receive it.
    Thanks for any information,

  14. Judy Says:

    Does anyone know what dosage is necessary to receive the benefits of Moringa? Is it better taken alone or is it equally beneficial when included in the contents of a meal shake of 500 mg of moringa leaf?

  15. Yahaya Says:

    The name of Moringa leaves in Nigeria is Zogale. It mostly gotten in the northern part of the country. Thanks.

  16. joey Says:

    Moringa leaves are almost available in any Filipino or Asian Oriental stores.They are called Malunggay.Look for it in the vegetable or produce section.
    Joey (Pinoy)

  17. Nelson kanneh Says:

    I’m very happy to learn more about Moringa Tree because I consume moringa powder three times a week in my daily food and tea as well and I’ve seen some progress in my back pain and eyes. I really started taking in Moringa for the past two months now.

  18. thomas tawiah terkper Says:

    it is really good for my general health.

  19. kweku Says:

    i havent used it my self but I have heard more testimonies about the tree. I hope i get to use it one of these days.
    stay blessed.

  20. Pinky Says:

    hi, my name is pinky from philippines, we have tree of moringa in our backyard, we have to do is to get directly from the tree, we washed it,deep in a boil water for 10 seconds, then put in the blender, just add water and honey , thats it. you get all the nutrients that you need as per posted here in the website, in one glass just put 1 tbs of moringa then add milk or chocolate drink or orange juice stir and served or you also mixed it in your homemade hamburger then serve it to your kids,,, its really very very easy, drink as many as you want, no limit, after 2 weeks my children have good skin and healty body,no need to processed and put it to capsule, and sell for a very expensive price.

    Thank you,i hope this will help people who wants to get all the benefits from moringa leaves,


    Pinky (Philippines)

    Thank you and regards

  21. Jonathan Millard Says:

    Moringa is also known as Malunggay and also as the Horseradish plant.

    The leaves taste great and since taking them I am no longer passing out from fatigue for seemingly no reason at all. My localized psoriasis is also not imflamed like it was. Though it has yet to disappear, it does seem to be slowly getting better.

    I know that the seeds are the parts for purifying water, due to thier coagulant effect on pollutants, which is why people believe it will help cleanse the blood as well.

    The root is another part that is said to have its own benefits, and I even heard of it treating disentry… which is pretty incredible.

    This plant truly is remarkable and thank God for it.

    As I’ve said though, I’ve only taken the leaves and haven’t been able to take the rest, but I do have increased (that’s an understatement) energy and feel incredibly much better.

    I wouldn’t think that dosage is important, as it really is a food. It’s like eating spinach. The more you eat won’t hurt you right? I mean, you might get diahrea if you go WAY overboard but it’s really just a food, not an “herbal medicine”. But with more C than oranges, protein then yogurt, iron than spinach, etc. etc. etc. (the list goes ON and ON), it’s very amazing.

    I wouldn’t worry about dosages with anything other than the root, and maybe the seeds. Other than that, eat to your heart’s content! And enjoy!

    And I’m sure that the more taken, the more benefits derived… but basically, any amount is good and better than nothing.

    Oh, btw, I’ve heard of putting green leaves directly on psoriasis lesions as a compress of sorts. I have yet to do this, but will.

  22. Jonathan Millard Says:

    Oh, and Diane, …. California has MANY moringa farms. It grows great there! I’m sure taking a drive over to one of them wouldn’t be out of the question. Farmers love customers right? :)

    Hope you and your dog are doing ok.

  23. petra redd Says:

    i would like to know where i can find it.

  24. Awa Says:

    I have a question.

    Is the moringa good for somebody who suffers from high blood pressure and skin scratching?


  25. chris nartey Says:

    I have been taking moringa powder as a tea every morning for the past 18 months and since then there has been no sign of my hayfever nor the winter flu nor cold. It’s great.

  26. Coretta Says:

    I brought some moringa seeds back from Ghana a couple of months ago. I going to plant them in my back yard. My question is do I only use one seed per tree. I only have nine seeds to plant. Also once the tree has matured do I use the leaves of the tree and the pods. What do I do with the pods other than planting more trees? How do I create powder from the tree?

  27. babs Says:

    Dont know about the seed planting. The trees in our backyard is from branch cuttings. Apparently when the plant takes off it doesn’t like too much water.

    I grew up in Fiji where the indian population has always used Moringa leaves as any green vegie… like you cook spinach with oil, onion, garlic and salt. Thats it. And the drumsticks we use in dhal (pea soup) or curry with potato…. Indian recipes!!!

    My mom is diabetic and she control her it by diet. She boils the Moringa leaves and eats it. Her sugar levels come down when she does that.

    And Diane hope you found Moringa in California. I know the Fiji community in CA have moringa in their backyards! hope this helps.


    My childred ages 9 and 12 yrs old is very selective when it comes to eating vegies. so I started making making pure moringa powder and all our food intake always have moringa powder. We also make delicasies with moringa particularly the polvoronez de malunggay. I observe that they become more concentrated in their studies and have strong immune system. They never got cough and colds anymore.I am nearly 50 yeras old and I can still walk non stop even 3 kilometes without getting tired. Being a widow,I could not afford to buy expensive/advetrised food supplemets in the market. With powdered moringa, I able to find peace of mind at least.Praise God for this woder tree and to the researchers and nutritionist.

  29. onn yem Says:

    Plese some one tell me where can I buy the moringa. I can’t fine is anywhere.

  30. siegfred tomen Says:

    we are distributors of freeze-dried moringa condensed tea powder.our promotional activity is not only confined to marketing but also in educating people and giving them a better option to what they are traditionally taking for medication which are synthetic drugs that are actually very strong chemical compounds that is definitely harmful to ones body.as per our experiences,we can say that our commodity,moringa freeze-dried condensed tea powder is so far very effective in addressing health concerns.we position this as TREATMENT, not just a mere supplementation.various experiences we encountered from people we monitored taking it gave us the confidence to encourage and outrightly recommend to everyone suffering from all kinds and types of degenerative diseases that it is much more powerful than synthetic medicines as it has 4 major actions working simultaneously in your body.it DETOXIFIES,CLEANSES,TREATS and NOURISHES you all at the same time.we challenge everyone with any type of disease to take it and see for yourself how moringa condensed tea powder,claimed by scientist worldwide as THE MOST POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT ON EARTH will give you a very positive experience.

  31. maggie Says:

    I tried moringa for my son who has heavy metal toxicity, ( cadmium, aluminum, bio-unavailable copper) which results in scizophrenia. Also known as Wilsons disease. His high Iron levels caused anger, violence outbursts. I put him on moringa after some convincing from others. I was told he would feel remarkable in 3 weeks. It was disaterous. The Iron was to high for someone already toxic. I had high hopes. The catonic posture came back with body twitchig, yellow eyes, anger outbursts, disorganized speech. I have since put him back on kelp and pure aloe vera juice which is having a much greater effect.

  32. Moostay Popilongoi Says:

    What a relief reading your comments have been! My mother in law just mentioned that I try moringa. I had never heard of it(though I know horseradish exists.Is it the same thing?) and thought she wanted to ‘kill me softly’.
    Stupid me! Little did I know that she wants to prolong my life with good health.Bless her.From the comments I’ve read here,it is clear that she has put me on to a winner!
    I’m going to stock up, go all the way with this herb and fedback to you guys. The comments of majority of you outweigh those who appear to have had negetive effects after using Moringa.Are there any downsides to this herb??

  33. SainT 1 Says:

    the leaves potentials are on point cause it can remove any flambush from ur system leavin u sayin wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but as a laaf wit a diference u can be sure to get in shape to be able to attend KOKO MANSION[4 d ladies].

  34. fredap2020@yahoo.com Says:

    moringa contain vit A (caroteniod) which is very good for the body and effective in supplyments to other vitamins and minerals


    Moringa leaf is very important.It is very common and cheaf in northen Nigeria.The popular name of Moringa in Nigeria is ZOGALE (Hausa).

  36. Iquey Says:

    I can’t believe this is actually a ‘superfood/awesome herb’!
    I’ve eaten this every now and then and pretty much every time loved it. It’s great with green papaya and ginger in soup.

    My grandma and mom will put this in her soup all the time. It’s an awesome Filipino soup ingredient.
    Maybe it’s the reason they’re able to stay so healthy even after eating so much meat XD.

    But yeah I love this leaf. It has such a wonderful taste, wild and strong, but not bad. So natural tasting, and the leaves are small and delicate and easy to eat!
    I’ve always known them as “Calamungay” leaves because that’s what my grandma always called them. I can see how it’s been translated into ‘Moringa’

  37. M.S.NAYYAR Says:

    Dear Sir,We need to know miracle tree (moringa tree) leaf/seed/stem/shoots benefits in soil conditioning and as bio fertilizer use in agriculture and enhancing weight of cattle/chicken/milk of cattle.Please favour me with your best tips to use above in differant uses as mentioned above .thanks

  38. manny garcia Says:

    dried moringa is very power, anti inflammatory,it helps me to maintain my eyes normal due to occular hypertention goin to glaucoma,thnx more information,about moringa,and also thnx vita plus that there is content of moringa and 4 power herb.

  39. tony munoz Says:


  40. fidelity Says:

    Moringa is in deed a miracle tree. Its good for husband and wife relationship. I enjoyed and satisfied sexually.

  41. addy alfred Says:

    will like to know side effect of taking moringa leaf

  42. christine mbita Says:

    it is a great tree that is used as a fertilizer also quit a large margine of benefits. Thank goodness we hafve the tree at our backyard. it can be taken as a vegtable just prepare like any vegetables.

    Musonda Mbita, Zambia. Kasama

  43. kingsley Says:

    My boss insisted I took moringa but I vehemently refused. Well somehow after reading some comments here I decided to give it a try, I do not wanna exaggerate, moringa is a prodigious tree..my skin has changed dramatically I now look like a newborn baby, I used to feel weak every morning but now I feel like a horse, I have noticed a remarkable turnaround in my general health..A tip on how to ravage this terrific plant, mix a large quantity of moringa with fresh yogurt every morning before meal. The yogurt makes it very possible to consume a large quantity of dried moringa. Stay healthy.

  44. chyz Says:

    Some one recommended moringa leave/tree to me. How can I know it, where do I get it and what is the name in Yoruba and Igbo language so that I can look for it. I’ve read about the benefits, I need to get it urgently, please advise.

  45. Amwami Thompson Says:

    I am Ghanaian, I have been taking Moringa for the passed one year now and believe me, this leaf is really wonderful, the name miracle fits it properly, I feel good, energetic, fit, sharp, strong, smooth body, good sight,sleeping soundly and work from morning to evening without being tired. I used to be tired when I do a little work and easily become weak but now no more. Please all should embrace this gifted leaf.This is a natural medicine for the poor.The rich can also use it if only they want to live long. I encourage everybody to take moringa leaf.

  46. beckey Says:

    can moringa drink every day

  47. Rabi from Ghana / Tamale Says:

    I have a question? I have Moringa leaf, do i need to dry the leaf in the sun before grading into powder form? Second quesition is how do i use the Moringa leaf and can i chew the fresh Moringa leaf?

    Thank you

  48. maLditha XD Says:

    joke !
    hmm. i think. miraculous na plant nga ang malunggay :)
    it helps my family a lot :)

    thanks for the info ;)

  49. A.malik Says:

    Moringa is indeed a wonder crop, iam young agriculturalist intrested in growing moringa, iwish to use it eradicate malnutritions and create employment for our teaming unemployed youths in my country NIGERIA.

  50. Rose Njeri Mbuthia Says:

    I have been feeling sick and dull all the time and I thought it was because of the hot climate in Mombasa Kenya. But when I started eating the leaves of Moringa tree as vegetasbles I got healed automatically and I no longer feel the same but I feel fresh and active. I Thank God who introduced the Moringa tree to us.

  51. james irungu Says:

    i suffer accute bp and was interested to know whether moringa can shelf the drugs i take daily due to pheochromocytomas(tumor of adrenal grand) please help my bp rises to 255/150 help before i get busted by this deadly bomb.

  52. Ernie Gooc Says:

    Moringa is common here in the Philippines. You cab plant moringa by cutting the branch and plant it in soil. It will grow after a few days.

  53. ivie e george Says:

    someone asked for the nigerian name. in hausa its called zogale

  54. hakim Says:

    peace b w/ to everyone,,i was suffering a high b.p since 2000,,and my vision was very bad,especially in the highnoon &look directly to a blinking light,,& my hemoglobin was too low,,but ever since my friend introduce & encourage me to try this miracle leaves moringa or malungay by only boiling it & drink like a soup,after few mnths ago i felt very active my b.p. going down to normal,hemoglobin as well,my vision bcome normal ,thanks allah for giving me 2nd life by using this moringa leaves,,pls try it if u feel the same way,,alhamdulillah..

  55. Bup Oyesiku Says:

    In Nigeria,the yoruba name of moringa is Ewe igbale.
    My lab will come up with scientific proofs of some of the purported uses of Moringa as a contribution to eradication of malnutrition.


    please sir, where can i get the moringa leaf in port harcourt rivers state nigeria. the address of the place. thanks.

  57. eugene maningo barrientos Says:

    thanks ur very helfull site it give clear idea about moringa me too have experience healing of my piptic ulcer tru these miracle tree cheapest and yet very effective

  58. gilbert r. batiles Says:

    M ost
    O utstanding
    R ecords
    I n
    N utrition
    G ain
    A ppreciation
    i ncomparable
    These humble leaves bring hope that illness in not part of life…

  59. benedicta Says:

    i want to know if i can take moringa tea during pregnancy

  60. marsha petty Says:

    I have what doctors call “dry eyes” and need to buy tear drops and eye moisteners. I am 60 years old. Within in 5 minutes after taking a teaspoon of moringa powder in 8 ozs of water, lubrication burst into my eyes and I was amazed! I now have only been taking moringa for 5 days now, but will continue to take it and enjoy whatever other benefits I can receive ! I am very happy not to have to buy any more pharmaceutical tear drops — which only help for an hour or two…..

  61. saj Says:

    hi,i just need to know moringa tree called in pakistan ?

  62. samuel Says:

    Please how can I find Moringa leaf in Afikpo, Ebonyi State , Nigeria. What is the Igbo name for moringa leaf. I have a cyst in my mouth under the tongue and all medications taken failed to eliminate the tumor. Please help me!

  63. Nzima Says:

    Moringa has done great to my family. My children are full of life and get enough sleep. My father had insomia after having a stroke in 2007. He can now sleep peacifully. We are all full of life MORINGA is proving to be a good nutrition to a friend on ART. VIVA Moringa!

  64. Aaron Boakye-Danquah Says:

    My was diagnosed diabetic last year and my goddad prescribed Moringa tea for me. It was so bad i had to live on insulin but he promised me i wouldn’t need the insulin sometime to come. i thought it was one of those many tales but I can say boldly that ever since I started my moringa therapy, i haven’t need reporting to my physician, talkless of taking an insulin shot. I am healed and who does the trick? God through Moringa!

  65. Janice Says:

    I am a first time mom and I want my baby to be healthy than usual. Can I let her take moringa?

    Appreciate replies.


  66. C.C Says:

    I am just learning about moringa. Where can I get it in Chicago?

  67. Onesimus Says:

    my friend got healed of aliver disease by the use of moringa leaves.


    I have just started using Moringa, say for about a month now. Surprisingly I have observed tremendous positive changes in my health condition. Firstly my High Blood pressure has improved greatly now almost always recording 120/75; my diabetes now recording a fasting of 6.5-7.2 vis-a-vis 9 -10 about two months ago. The most dramatic evidence occured about a week ago Tuesday 1/6/10 when I woke up with a very serious cold with my throat scalded. My wife advised I should drink the moringa tea instead of the Vitamin C tablets. As soon as I drank the tea, in less than 30 minutes the pain had disappeared in the throat and it was as if it was never there. I am shedding weight as well. Despite all these I am still watching this wonder plant. It seems the poor are at the threshold of having a God sent drug and nutritional goodies.

  69. Lovely Says:

    What`s about infertility in both men and women, can Moringa be of help/benefit to them? How?? I have not read anything about such an issue.

  70. lily Says:

    please can moringa cure fibroid,i want to know.

  71. kate Says:

    hi and thanks for the info.does moringa help in weight loss?

  72. shirley Says:

    when we intake moringa seeds is a best help for losing weight?

  73. jonas Says:

    does consumption of moringa increases blood pressure as some colleaques are saying so, being a sourced from a docter.

  74. joy Says:

    moringa or malunggay (Filipino term) is very effective for UTI, as I’ve found out. it grows like weed in the philippines; you can find it sprouting from a sidewalk! it can grow very tall and make the leaves quite difficult to reach unless you trim it. in the provinces, it is part of a family’s meal every now and then.

    it has only been recently that its benefits have been marketed to consumers. it is now produced as tea in sachets, as food additive (powder condiment), and as ingredient of foods like packaged noodles, biscuits, chips.

    the fruit is a usually foot or more long. it is prepared in a special way in the Philippines, one that includes peeling the tough exterior with a knife without peeling off all its meat away. we usually make a stew with tomatoes with it.

    the leaves have a somewhat bitter taste but it is a good kind of bitter.
    if the leaves dry up, they are still usable in meals because they soften anyway in soups and stews.

  75. mike Says:

    why do people even need to purchase moringa tablets or supplements when they can take the leaves and boil them..or even put in their meals..they grow almost everywhere in a tropical country..

  76. Loise Muchiri Says:

    I would like to know whether it can heal exzema that is skin problem in a 10 months baby? Then I have a 4year old baby who has lost appetite would it be good to give them moringa and in what quantity? Where would one buy it?

  77. daniel Says:

    a friend just suggested taking moringa considering its benefits,and i have started taking it with my wife i hope its worth all that have been said about it.

  78. Ishaku Ritbul Says:

    i have heard about moringa, i want to give it a try.

  79. ijeure Says:

    would like to know if the moringa leaf helps to cure strokes and ulcers.and what the igbo name is in nigeria?

  80. Jaysn Simon Says:

    It is good for skin problems, the fresh leaves are crushed and we tried that on our ten month old daughter, yes it can increase appetite..

  81. favour Says:

    The information here has been quite wonderful. I have had the dried leaves in my store for the past 1 year. Just started to drink it as tea. from all the information given I hope it will help to reduce my blood pressure. I think these claims are true. god does love us and His ultimate plan is for us to live in good health.

  82. George Says:

    I have been diagnosed to have kidney stones since last 3 weeks now and doctors are advising to undergo operation. While trying to sort out the problems without undergoing operation, am told the moringa leaves juice could finish up the problem! Please let me know how do i prepare it so that the problem can be sorted out once and for all?

  83. sexylocs50s Says:

    I started taking the moringa capsules, for a couple of weeks now, and the first thing I noticed after about five days was, the little aches and pain i was having in my body are almost gone. I have a problem with my right leg, and i could not sleep, because my leg would hurt. Now the pain is almost gone, and as a bonus my eyesight has improved tremendous.
    My Bp is back to normal also.
    I would highly recommend it.

  84. Nata Says:

    It is good to hear about Moringa leaf. I am a diabetes and also having vision problem and I have a few question as lited below;

    1)I have Muringa tree beside my hse n what is the doss should Iconsume
    2)Any proven result of diabetes healing
    3)Can I boil the leaf and conume daily morning
    4)Any side effect
    5) How long shoul I consume and when to stop
    6) Is safe for 6years old kids to consume
    7) In Malaysia where can I find capsule forms Moringa

    Pls advise me
    Many Thanks


  85. ADETUNJI C. Says:

    I want to know whether moringa can cure fibrod and sickle cell patients

  86. Evelyn Says:

    Nata, Yes, you add the moringa leaves in boiling water and drink anytime of the day.No bad side effects known.
    In the Philippines we use it as a vegetable.One can add the leaves in chicken soup or mix it with monggo beans recipe.
    A friend, mixes in the dried leaves when he bakes muffins, cakes or cookies.
    It is safe for children. I have eaten it as a child.

  87. EBEN...GHANA Says:

    i think this miracous tree has healed over 5000 people in my country please try it.it is good/my father introduced it to me and now it is planted in my house…

  88. Kim Njau Says:

    Do we have this miracle moringa tree in kenya? What is the Kikuyu name? Where can i get the seeds for planting in kenya?

  89. emmylek Says:


  90. Jovenal Says:

    I have been a 250/110 bp during my tours as a seaferer,it always register in my medical exam as per pre-employment qualification overseas until my retirement that i started to use Moringa Tea till now. Everything is normal now I mean my bp and am not taking anymore of my maintainance drug but Moringa Tea instead. For all you know indeed everything is a miracle and besides i got no other ailments since in five years of my retirement, am almost 60 yrs of age now but feels like 40.
    There are no overdose or no limits of intake and for sure you’ll feel instant results.In my google research it’s a cure for 300 diseases including to include malignant diseases like cancer. so feel free to use the supplement there’s nothing can surpass about the adage that say
    an once of prevention is better than a pound of cure and it,s not expensive after all.

  91. Sam Says:

    Can molinga help in infertility men and women?

  92. Andre Simpson Says:

    I have been making and using the Moringa powder for some time now and it helped me gain 10 pounds because of its protein content!i have the trees so its pretty easy to make just dry the leaves and crush it this thing is a miracle i feel healthier and because i jog i get more energy from it haven’t had the cold in years! its……..simply a miracle.

  93. Habila Amos Says:

    Moringa Oleifera is a common plant in Northern Nigeria where i grew up. We call it zogale. We have been eating it as soup all through my childhood and never knew its health benefits! With what i have just read here now, am going back to consuming moringa daily till this life is over. Thank God for this miracle tree

  94. Asiyanbi Ifeoluwa Joel Says:

    I think since it can cure over 300 diseases,also can it cure fibroid and am not sure about sickle cell.Thanks for those who discover this miraculous leaf and not keeping it to themselves,thanks for saving us.

  95. Brownie Says:

    As a health professional I am curious to know if anyone has any success stories about Moringa and HIV/AIDS.

  96. Jim Says:

    About the Dong Quai for uterine fibroids as there is conflicting information please make a deeper research. Some people say they have benefited from it and others advice you not to take it when you have fibroids, endometriosis or cancer.

  97. Jim Says:

    Fibroids: these are additional herbs many people say benefited from taking it for uterine fibroids. You have to do your own reseach or consult your herbalist before using it.
    * Cat’s Claw
    * Yarrow
    * Grape fruit seeds
    * Flaxseeds

  98. M. Lavigne Says:

    I am a 69 year old female with multiple health problems and am taking many prescription medications for arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, an others. I have sleep apnea both obstructive and central and wear a CPAP at night. Please advise if your product would be safe to combine with all of the other medications I am on.
    Thank you for your assistance. Mairead Lavigne

  99. jamil aqeel Says:

    moring is a miracle tree…in pakistan we call them “SOHANJNA” ..this trees available in punjab .lahore /sialkot/ multan/faisalabad/rawalpindi villages/…………..

  100. Comrade Koleosho Says:

    i have used the moringa leaf for some days now, its been a wonderful healer especially for back ache. but i pray that our people will not misuse this herb or mix something else with it, because of selfish financial gains. i want to plead with people to make the local names of moringa leaf available on the net so that more people can benefit from this wonderful gift of nature to mankind

  101. Sodick Says:

    this is my first time of taking Moringa Leaf Powder, my first cup was ok, with no sign of anything wrong but when i put a tea spoon of the powder in my egusi soup and ate in the afternoon, during my break time, i went back to work, at close of work i came home and ate some fried plantain and slept for the day, the next day my face was swell up around my eyes when i wake up. it this the cause of the Moringa Leaf? I guess so, what do you think?

  102. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for the information on this wonderful leaf it is very educative. I am just knowing about it today. Where in Abuja can i get the leaf to buy.

    Thank you.

  103. Pinky poo Says:

    Hay it’s really good to read about all these miraculous healings and treatments achieved by this tree and especially the leaves. Could any one please tell me if they had taken these herb for Kidney ailments and what were the results or their experience. Also where can one get these leaves in the U.K. Further is it possible to bring them into the country? and if one can how do you do that i.e. what is the process involved.

  104. N. Krieger Says:

    I purchased this little tree at Armstrong Nursery in Huntington Beach, CA about two weeks ago. It was only about 5-6″ tall with a few leaves. In two weeks it has more than doubled in size. It is now 12″ and every day it adds a new layer of leaves. I bought it because I liked the way it looked. I had no idea what I had purchased. After reading all your stories I find it’s not just beautiful, it may be the answer to my prayers. I have fibromyalgia and am in pain most days. I have been looking for something to help with the pain other than drugs (ant-depressants). They say God works in strange ways, this just may be one of them. I will keep you posted.

  105. akin Says:

    Please,where in Lagos can I get this miracle tree or the seed,leaves or supplement.or if you have it in your yard i can travel to any part of Nigeria to get it.Thanks

  106. uzoho Says:

    in my family everyone has bp iam in my early 40s and hv been on drugs for the past 8yrs can moringa take care of it…

  107. manjit singh Says:

    What is the Thai name of moringa tree?thx.

  108. Mari Says:

    Hello, I am from The Bahamas…..began hearing about if for a few months now……would like to know if it is good for menopause

  109. bravo sierra Says:

    I started processing moringa powder when I was discharge from the hospital due to multiple heart attack. Within 1 1/2 months of drinking the moringa tea I feel so much improvement with my heart condition.

    Dumaguete City, Philippines

  110. chris Says:

    Plz help me, were can some 1 get d leave 2 plant in other 2 serve as a aid 2 my community plz help…

  111. liz Says:

    I tried the moringa green powder two weeks ago the results are fantastic, am getting good sleep, menstrual pains have reduced and i feel generally good.
    Thanks to my friend beryl who introduced me to the miracle tree.

  112. leonard mutua Says:

    Iam diabetic. I had a diabetic friend who we had stayed for a while without meeting. The last time we met his condition was very bad. Now that I was not seeing him around I was imagining possibly the worst -death had caught up with him. Meanwhile my sugar levels were not any better. Somehow I bumped into him and I could believe what I saw in him. He was healthy and youthful. On enquiry he told me about the wonder Moringa and he was using its dried leaves for last 2 weeks. He took me around and showed me the plant. The same I got the dried and pound dry moringa leaves and started using the that night. This brought hope to me. I googled that night about the wonder plant I DISCOVERED SO MUCH.

  113. KHAN EVODIA A --- Cameroon Says:

    I am EVODIA from the North west region of Cameroon. thank God for this miraculous plant, i will like to know wether this plant contains vitamin k which helps in blood cloting?

  114. Tomasa R. Camu Says:

    I was saved from apsoriatic arthritis, migraine, sinusitis, pharyngitis,hyperacidity,dysmenorrhea, anemia, skin asthma, insomnia, general weakness by Moringa, thats why i am now a manufacturer of Moringa Capsules and lots of Malunggay based products.

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