Benefits of the Moringa leaf


It could be said without any doubt that from the pure Moringa Tree Leaf we can get very good benefits for the health, which are very much reported in studies of the leaf. It is the organic, natural, endurance and energy supplement of health. In other words, it’s the ultimate thing. And the post beneficial and purest part of the plant is the powdered Moringa leaf.

According to the annals of the ayurveda, India’s old tradition of medicines, the leaves of the Moringa Tree could treat at least 300 diseases.

Moringa leaf has no proven bad effects and is absolutely safe and organic. Because of its tolerant properties, it has been given to malnourished little babies in Africa. Athletes all over the world boost their performance abilities by taking huge quantities of the leaf to keep them fit both mentally and physically. It is their secret weapon. Even for senior citizens who are losing their sharpness of mind, the Moringa tree leaf could be a great help. In fact the powder is suitable for people from any age group.

The Moringa leaf is comparatively an unheard name in spite of the fact that it has been found mentioned more than two thousand years before, and the World Health Organization has been observing and utilizing the tree for more than forty years now as a cheap health supplement in the poverty-stricken countries the world over. There is a reason behind this. The selling of all kinds of health supplements, minerals and vitamins is a lucrative business. No big company would ever take the risk of introducing a name that could potentially harm and lower the sale of all other nutritional items. The same holds water for the pharmaceutical countries too. These huge companies would prefer to keep the general public in the dark about the benefits of the Moringa leaf to make big bucks for their own.

Moringa leaf

Written below are the benefits of the Moringa Leaf:

  1. Increases the Natural Defenses of the body
  2. Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain.
  3. Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients
  4. Promotes the Cell structure of the body
  5. Promotes natural Serum cholesterol.
  6. Lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  7. Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney.
  8. Beautifies the skin
  9. Promotes energy
  10. Promotes proper digestion
  11. Acts as an antioxidant
  12. Takes care of the immune system of the body
  13. Promotes healthy circulatory system
  14. It is an anti-inflammatory
  15. Gives a feeling of general wellness
  16. Supports the normal sugar levels of the body.

Moringa leaf boosts your energy in a natural manner, and is a remarkable source of nutrition. This energy promotion does not happen because of sugar, so it is lasts for a long time. Individuals ingesting it say that their ulcers are healed, tumors restricted, there are reduction in the arthritis pains and inflammations, controlled blood pressure, the skin problems are restored, and finally they have stronger defenses against diseases.

Another property of the Moringa leaf is its soothing ability, because of which it can lower the blood pressure and promotes good sleep. It can also purify water since it has a detoxifying effect. Also a coagulant agent, Moringa can attach itself to hazardous bacteria and other materials, a process that is surmised to occur in the body too. The happy outcome is more sustained energy without any over-activity, balanced hormone and gland system, controlled blood pressure, and a rested nervous system.



  1. this is my first time of taking Moringa Leaf Powder, my first cup was ok, with no sign of anything wrong but when i put a tea spoon of the powder in my egusi soup and ate in the afternoon, during my break time, i went back to work, at close of work i came home and ate some fried plantain and slept for the day, the next day my face was swell up around my eyes when i wake up. it this the cause of the Moringa Leaf? I guess so, what do you think?

  2. Thank you for the information on this wonderful leaf it is very educative. I am just knowing about it today. Where in Abuja can i get the leaf to buy.

    Thank you.

  3. Hay it’s really good to read about all these miraculous healings and treatments achieved by this tree and especially the leaves. Could any one please tell me if they had taken these herb for Kidney ailments and what were the results or their experience. Also where can one get these leaves in the U.K. Further is it possible to bring them into the country? and if one can how do you do that i.e. what is the process involved.

  4. I purchased this little tree at Armstrong Nursery in Huntington Beach, CA about two weeks ago. It was only about 5-6″ tall with a few leaves. In two weeks it has more than doubled in size. It is now 12″ and every day it adds a new layer of leaves. I bought it because I liked the way it looked. I had no idea what I had purchased. After reading all your stories I find it’s not just beautiful, it may be the answer to my prayers. I have fibromyalgia and am in pain most days. I have been looking for something to help with the pain other than drugs (ant-depressants). They say God works in strange ways, this just may be one of them. I will keep you posted.

  5. Please,where in Lagos can I get this miracle tree or the seed,leaves or supplement.or if you have it in your yard i can travel to any part of Nigeria to get it.Thanks

  6. I started processing moringa powder when I was discharge from the hospital due to multiple heart attack. Within 1 1/2 months of drinking the moringa tea I feel so much improvement with my heart condition.

    Dumaguete City, Philippines

  7. I tried the moringa green powder two weeks ago the results are fantastic, am getting good sleep, menstrual pains have reduced and i feel generally good.
    Thanks to my friend beryl who introduced me to the miracle tree.

  8. leonard mutua on

    Iam diabetic. I had a diabetic friend who we had stayed for a while without meeting. The last time we met his condition was very bad. Now that I was not seeing him around I was imagining possibly the worst -death had caught up with him. Meanwhile my sugar levels were not any better. Somehow I bumped into him and I could believe what I saw in him. He was healthy and youthful. On enquiry he told me about the wonder Moringa and he was using its dried leaves for last 2 weeks. He took me around and showed me the plant. The same I got the dried and pound dry moringa leaves and started using the that night. This brought hope to me. I googled that night about the wonder plant I DISCOVERED SO MUCH.

  9. KHAN EVODIA A --- Cameroon on

    I am EVODIA from the North west region of Cameroon. thank God for this miraculous plant, i will like to know wether this plant contains vitamin k which helps in blood cloting?

  10. Tomasa R. Camu on

    I was saved from apsoriatic arthritis, migraine, sinusitis, pharyngitis,hyperacidity,dysmenorrhea, anemia, skin asthma, insomnia, general weakness by Moringa, thats why i am now a manufacturer of Moringa Capsules and lots of Malunggay based products.

  11. Nelson M. Maasadee on

    Why those moringa practioners let people know the types of deseases that moringa can cure and prevent? Because I could have asked several time to know but there is no avail. As we all know that MORINGA PLANT is a very good medicine but by all means we need to know some of the name of the deseases it can cure or prevent by the PLANT {MORINGA}

  12. please never heat moringa leafes, it will destroy 70% of al nutrition cold water or your fav. drink mothing over 90 Fahrenheit deg

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