Home Remedies for Cellulitis


Cellulitis is an inflammation of connective tissues, which occur due to toxins that system fails to eliminate. It is characterized by thickening or swelling of tissues where skin appears as orange peel and gives a grating sensation. Cellulitis causes problems such as:

  1. Deformities where legs and hips becomes enlarged.
  2. Heart problems
  3. Fatigue, nervousness or even depression
  4. Pain that could cause pressure on nerves.
  5. Migraine, sciatica and neuralgia.
  6. Insomnia

Home Remedies for Cellulitis: Home remedy for cellulitis includes:

  1. Dieting
  2. Exercise
  3. Massage: Massage helps –(Inflamed skin is completely contraindicated for massage therapy. Consult your doctor before ANY type of massage.)
  1. Stimulates and increase circulation in affected areas
  2. Chopping movement helps in retracting skin
  3. Tones muscles by rolling movement
  4. Toxins are eliminated



  1. Would you suggest puttign a natural remedy on the infected area of cellulitis or taking some kind of herb or natural food supplement such as cayenne pepper?

  2. you gave no information on any type of remedy that can help cure or even ease the pain. um if you have any information can you e-mail me please. an i also have a question could alethics foot have anything to do with this also is this contagious?

  3. I have had cellulitis re-curring in my legs for 2 years now. It used to come about every 6 months and now it comes every 2 months. My doctors have told me that athletes foot can be a cause as well as weight. I dont think it’s contagious,it’s bacterial, not viral. I really need to find a remedy or cure for it. If anyone knows a cure or home remedy for this…..PLEASE let me know!

  4. i agree, there are no remedies for this whatsoever. just a list of preventive measures.

    the use of a hot cold compress to ease the pain momentarily works. but no idea of a remedy, besides getting a anti bacterial/inflammatory cream perscribed to you.

    please help, other wise delete this post.

  5. apparently taking a few teaspoons of turmeric powder each day helps remove cellulitis. it tastes kind of disgusting, its ok with chocolate milk. raisins also supposedly work.

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    good luck to all…

  7. Courtney's Mom on

    HELP! If anyone knows anything that will ease the pain of cellulitis, please let me know. My daughter of age 17 (also a special needs child) has been diagnosed with cellulitis on her right foot. She is complaining with a lot of pain and can hardly walk. We were prescribed a prescription this morning, but if it does not help my morning or her sysmptos worsen at all through the night, we are to return to the doctor immediately for hospitalization. I am hoping to avoid this if at all possible. Thanks for anyone’s help/reply.

  8. I got bit by a spider on my forearm, and I had to get antibiotics to take for almost 2 weeks. The bite got better, but the target area around the bite turned into a yeast infection. The yeast infection could only be treated with an anti fungal cream. Then it stopped responding, and turned into cellulitis, and antibiotics and anti fungal cream did nothing to stop it from spreading. I started applying Pure Oil of Oregano, which seemed to do the trick. It is a strong Natural astringent. It helped, but by applying glycerin on top of the oil, it soaked into the skin and destroyed the live bacteria. Now my arm is starting to heal.

    I expect I will still have to apply this a few more times till the infection is totally gone, but it sure is better then that red itchy rash that was covering my arm.

  9. In any skin condition, you must look to the liver. Liver cleansing can be done every two to three weeks through the winter time to cleanse toxins from the liver so it can cleanse other organs such as the skin. It is said that if you can do liver cleansing until you see about 2000 stones (approximately 10 cleanses) any skin condition will begin to heal up. Also make sure you are not having a magnesium, Vitamin D or a Vitamin B12 and B5 (Pantothenic Acid) deficiency.

  10. P.S. Children can get toxins in their system from their parents. That is what is known as inherited tendencies. It might be good for the whole family to look into better nutrition.

  11. I get reoccuring cellulits in my lower legs. The last time it came back, I was pretty sick with it. I was put on doxycycline, and that did not work. Then they put me on Keflex, and that didn’t touch it either. Then I was put on Ceftin, and that only took the infection down a little bit.

    I already had Oil of Oregano (diluted in olive oil) in the cabinet for toothaches.

    Despite being on 6 days of Ceftin, the itching, burning, and stinging pain continued on. Out of desperation I went for the oil of oregano and put it all over the skin. Mind you, my OOO came already diluted in Olive oil. I put a good amount all over the areas on my skin.

    I applied it morning and night. After 3 days of these applications the infection is GONE. It worked quickly and took the pain and itching away.

    I have also read that colloidal silver applied to the skin and taken orally is good for cellulitis, but the oil of oregano worked real well for me and I will continue using this as a preventative too.

  12. Please post how to dilute it to put on cellulitis. Thanks. I’m in the same situation but over a month now on Keflex. Did Septra with it for the first 10 days but 2nd doctor took me off that and here I am still on just Keflex. This last bottle will be gone tomorrow. How strong can I make it to put on my leg which still has some redness and heat. Thank you.

  13. Thank you thank you! Oil of oregano…that makes so much sense! I’m ordering some and getting it on my cellulitis immediately. Still taking the anti-bi’s to take down the infection, but I want to find something for the outer symptoms of painful skin rash. And I have colloidal silver, which I will try right away.

  14. To relieve itching, I’ve found that clay applied topically will draw out the toxins from the Staph or Strep bacteria, similar to what one would do for insect bites.

  15. Hi all. Just returning to update.

    The trouble with my cellulitis is due to weight. If I don’t get enough water in, my legs puff up and when this happens a break in the skin occurs and I come down with cellulitis. So at this time I’m working on getting my weight down to solve the long-term problem.

    Right now, I switched over to using Tea Tree oil, to make sure that my skin does not become immune to just Oil of Oregano. Tea tree oil is VERY effective on this. And fast acting. It is known that TTO works favorably on MRSA where antibiotics fail.

    What I do is, each night at bed time every other night, I take a Q tip and dip this in the TTO and apply neat to the skin areas that are problematic, as a preventative. If I notice that I’m starting to come down with cellulitis I apply it twice a day right directly on the area. Use a clean Q tip with each dip in the oil to keep it clean.

    TTO can be drying on the skin, so I get Udder Butter lotion that comes in a tub. This has allointin in it and it is very good for skin that suffers cellulitis. I apply a thin layer of this to the skin where it is dry. Make sure your skin is clean and does not have any lotions on it when you apply the oil.

    Make sure you wash your hands any time you touch your skin areas that are problematic. You can reinfect that skin if there happens to be a break in it just with dirty hands.

    I switch off this same protocol with Oil of Oregano… but use the OOO very sparingly as it tends to inflame skin more so than TTO.

    The most important thing is to do some investigating and get to the root of what is causing the cellulitis so that you can make whatever changes to prevent it from coming back.

    Good luck all! I know how awful this can be.

  16. I have chronic reoccurring cellulitis. I tried the oregano oil as I have seen the oil work on many skin problems. However wearing socks on top of my infected area caused some painful irritation. I used pure, maybe I should have used olive oil based. Anyway, I found reasonably priced colloidal silver salve; 10ppm, on the internet and with 2 kinds of anti-biotics (oral)it is getting better, finally.

  17. My son age 6 had a tooth removed that was infected. The infection spread to his cheek. After three days of Antibiotics the swelling is not going down and tissue seems to be hardening, although not red or hot to touch. Does anyone think the Oregano Oil would help take this away? Thanks to anyone with any helpfull ideas.

  18. I have Cellulitis in and around my outer ear and ear canal. It caused a high temp. and a trip to the emergency room 2 nights ago. My outer ear is still swollen, red and painful. The doctor prescribed the sulfur drug Bactrim, which I have been taking for 2 days. The swelling in the lymph gland went down on the medication and ibuprofen.I have also tried inhaling red thyme and hot and cold compresses. Has anyone had experience with Bactrim? I don’t like taking it for it causes constipation.
    I wonder if anyone knows if Oregano Oil can be applied inside the ear?
    How should it be diluted?

  19. I have Cellulitis…thought it was a bug bite or a blood clot…so scared…It started small and within 24 hours covered my calf and shin. The pain is so bad i cant walk. I am on Cipro..the doctore didnt seem to worried about it…and then i saw streaking. All these horror stories ..im really scared…its my first day taking the antibiotics,,I pray they work

  20. Hello I have Cellulitis as well, been on antibiotics on and off both legs , on the shin , and I have to wear compression stockings, to prevent swelling and it helps, I have to loose weight too, but thanks about the tip on the oregano oil I will try it….

  21. I broke out around my incision after being home from the hospital from major low back surgery (4 disc) Compression & fusion. The break out continued up over my whole back. I had swabs done, and it was Cellulitis. I was given creams, antibotic’s, washed with specaial bacteria soap. Nothing worked. I looked like a lepor. I mean months went by, went to the ER etc., these sores would bleed like crazy, and they were spreading. I was finally told I have MRSA. Now, I have read and taken everything you could think of RX’s and got things from the internet. Now I know my immune system is low, but do you think any Dr’s or Specialist do the IV antibiotic thing..No! I have been here and there and passed to Dr. to Dr. and not one even wanted to touch me. It’s been over two years now, and these sores are like craters now. Some have healed, with bruising of my skin. Some are soo sore it’s difficult to sleep. I have them on my butt, hips, legs, ankles, and on my one arm. The ones on my back & chest are gone, only scares left. But new one break out, even when some clear up. I have tried the bleach, and Perioxde and alcohol treatments. Some seem to help, but some seem to irritate others. I don’t seem to get pus, but there seems to be a core. When one starts new, it is like a little pin head, and gets bigger, and if you get the twirl thread like out, it will bleed like crazy, but the real soreness goes away for a time. It takes forever for one to heal, and some definetly just get bigger and deeper. Please does anyone have advise, a cure, or who to go see that really knows or not afraid to say, lady we need to have you put in the hospital w/ heavy antibotics to get this stuff out of your system. MRSA in my case was acquired from the hospital, but it all boils down to the fact that it was a staph infection (in this case Cellulitis), that is still Cellulitis, but to the point of MRSA. I have to cover myself up so no one sees what I have, otherwise people are afraid, and I can understand. I am single, and no family. After this surgery, where I had previous ones before, I can’t do the things I use to do. However I have taken pictures from the day of the incision up to now. My legs & feet swell also, and of course it is difficult to walk or stand very long, much less have to lay on the sores that I treat several times aday. I don’t work, I am retired Thank God. Please can someone help!

  22. I have had cellulitis in my legs for about 2 years now, but i always get a drug from my doctor to treat it. I am away on vacation miles away from any store and i am having a flare up in my hip. I am actually on a motorcycle trip and it is so painful i can’t get on the bike to ride :( im stuck in the hotel in pain wondering if anyone knows of something i can do for this??

  23. I have cellulitis got it from a cat bite. Anyways for 3 weeks I have been in SOOO much pain. I bought the Oil of Oregano , and THE PAIN STOPPED!! like almost instantly. I smell like I’ve been making pasta’s and sauces for a month straight BUT I feel the best I have in 3 weeks. MY leg was huge from it and SOO SORE. I pray it helps with the infection like people say. Alls I know is SO far it gets an A+ for helping with the pain!!! Not sure if I need to be mixing it with olive oil or not, it says already diluted. SO should I still? Or is it enough???? anyone know?

  24. I have had cellulitis on my legs for 18 months now and the pain has been extreme. I did the antibiotics and the creams to no avail. Currently I am taking a combination of tumeric and grape seed which has had very positive effects and may remove it over time. Last night I started with 5 drops Tea Tree Oil mixed in with a good moistuurizing cream (enough to cover the affected area) and the pain went away. I have ordered some Manuka Honey (UMF 16 and UMF 25) which is supposed to have amazing results when applied as a dressing and taken orally. Here is hoping. I will post the results on the honey later. If there can be any relief from this I want to share it with as many people as possible. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy

  25. I have cellulites on my lower leg it moves around its red swollen and very itchy sometimes i scratch my itchy leg until blood comes out i have moved from one doctor to the other no help just antibiotics i cant work properly when my sick is left black after this i have taken pictures so that doctors can identify it i made a reaserch about it and i found out its caused by bacteria or insect bites etc and am keeping away from them and started using tea tree oil and it alleviates the pain and itchyness and i am working on losng weight and eating healthy and drinking herbal teas they work wonders to boost immmune system

  26. Hi,I suffered with a serious bout of Cellulitis earlier this year,in March to be exact and was hospitalized for more than 2 weeks with it!

    After being released from the hospital and feeling great,a couple of weeks later I began to get Cellulitis once again. I went to a practitioner of Homeopathy in Malibu,CA who prescribed “Tea Tree Oil” which can be purchased at most Vitamin stores right over the counter, no prescription required and it worked immediately!

    I mean this Tea Tree Oil killed the bacteria “on contact” and swelling started to subside instantly also. By the way Tea Tree Oil only costs about ten dollars, it has a medicinal alcohol type smell,and works like a miracle! I hope this works for you like it did for me, I keep it on hand,just in case! I wish you well!

  27. My cellulitis was from a scrape on the shinbone while in the ocean. Here in Hawaii staph infections are very common from coral cuts and or cuts exposed to seawater. I caught it early, according to the Dr., who barely glanced at it and wrote me a scrip for sulfa meds. Though the meds are working, I chose to topically treat the area with tea tree and palmarosa oils twice daily. Tea tree is so drying, that the skin continued to hurt as it healed. Thanks for the Oil of Oregano suggestion. We had some caplets of it in our medicine cabinet, meant to be taken orally. I broke one open and spread it on my dry (but healing) wound. It seems to have alleviated the irritation somewhat already. Can’t wait to see it in the morning!

  28. I have cellulitis on my lower leg and my doctor(homeopathic)told me to apply Tamanu Oil(New Chapter Organics) 3-4 times a day. I just started and I hope it works. The woman in the shop where I bought it says it’s great stuff and works well.

  29. My husband has had Cellulities for about 2 yrs now. I read that some people have put oil of oregano and olive oil on it and it has worked for them. Does anyone know how much of each to use ???????

  30. I have a follow-up from my last entry on Oct. 27. I had great results with using Tamanu Oil on my leg. I had a fast spreading cellulitus invection on my leg. I was told if it spread as far as my knee to head over to the ER. I was getting on a plane the following morning so I had to do something. Inflammation was greatly reduced within the first 24 hours and completely gone in 3 days. Much better than Oil of Oregano, which can burn your skin if not careful. Really, give this a try. You’ll be amazed.

  31. My husband has gotten cellulitis every summer for 5 summers — skipped one. In the past he would be admitted to the hospital and put on antiobiotics by IV. Then upon release, a home nurse would come to the house and train him on how to administer antiobiotics by IV for about 3 weeks. This always took care of it — until the next summer when a bug bite or a small cut from mowing the yard, etc. would start the problem all over again. Actually the root of the problem is that he is overweight and has diabetes. The diabetes makes the healing process extremely difficult. He got it again about 6 weeks ago. Having no job and no health insurance (thanks to the recession), he went to his doctor who has prescribed 3 different rounds of oral antiobiotics. About 3 days after the antiobiotics run out, the cellulitis comes back. So we are now trying all of our own treatments: Oil of Oregano (which we learned about here), Epsom Salt soaks twice a day (recommended by his doctor), drinking water with 10 drops of Echinacea tincture in 8 oz of water (from health food store) — drinking several a day to fight infection and boost immune system, taking homeopathic remedies: Rhus Tox 1M and Arnica 1M several times each day (10 succussions {pellet in water, not dry under tongue, which makes it stronger]) and also homeopatic: Echinacea (pellet in water) 10 succussions — taken along with Rhus Tox and Arnica. Our homeopathic consultant recommended these remedies to us based on my husband’s symptoms. Rhus Tox is listed in the Materia Medica for cellulitis — the trick is knowing what strength and how often to take it. You can have the right remedy but not take it often enough, or possibly too often, not netting the results you want — but I thought I’d mention it here for anyone looking for other remedies. I think we will also try the tea tree oil — however, it does cancel a homeopathic remedy, so we will have to be sure to take the homeopathics again 30 minutes after using the TTO so they can be active in the healing process. My husband’s doctor also told him to keep his foot elevated on a pillow to help with the circulation. This is getting tiring dealing with this — sure hope all these remedies work, because the antibiotics only work while he is taking them.

  32. I have been suffering with bouts of cellulitis in one or both of my legs since Sept. 2007. The only time I have been well for any length of time has been after 3+ weeks on IV antibiotics. I feel so helpless as I watch my feet and legs swell and become more painful while I go through the rounds of oral antibiotics. Once it starts causing other issues, irregular heart beat, total exhaustion etc I’ll be sent to the ER and will be admitted. I am looking for guidance in eastern medicine and any other possible remedies,that might allow me to knock out the cellulitis when it first starts. I have started with the tea tree oil as it was easy to aquire (at Publix) and will look into the oil of oregano and Tamanu oil when I can get to a health food store this weekend.

  33. Do any of the oils mentioned stop the iching as well as the burning? My husband is going crazy with the itching. He has been prescribed Penicillin VK and has been taking it for over three weeks but it doesn’t seem to help.

  34. My husband has cellulitis on his leg. He was perscribed Levaquin 500mg once a day for 10 days. He was also told to keep ice packs on it as much as possible. This has worked and brought all the infection back to the main area. Once back to the main area he was told to put heat on it to draw the infection out. Sofar this is working.

  35. i have it on my eye does any one have some way that i can get the swelling down on it if so please send me the info on it please relay need the help because it hurts really bad thank you anthony

  36. I too had cellulitis on my eye. I was prescribed Bactrim and the swelling has gone. I still have a hard spot below my brow bone. I was told it was due to a spider bite

  37. The above remedies include diet and exercise. These are PREVENTATIVE measures. Most important is cleanliness. Cellulitis is most commonly associated with some kind of Staph infection – and quite commonly the “superbug” MRSA. These infections are extremely contagious. I have had this issue for 6 months now. When you notice a pimple that starts to look more like something that is more than a pimple, or you begin to see cellulitis surrounding the area do the following. #1 – WASH YOUR HANDS with antibacterial soap. Then cover the center of the infection (i.e. if this were a pimple – where it would pop) with cotton gauze and tape. Now WASH YOUR HANDS with antibacterial soap. #2 – go to your doctor and get on antibiotics – if you start early enough you can get a low dose. WASH YOUR HANDS with antibacterial soap. #3 – Take at least one shower every day – preferably before you get into bed – while in the shower use hot compresses to draw the infection to a head (some say alternating hot and cold compresses work better, but that’s kinda hard to do. The infection needs to drain in order for you to heal. #4 – After a few days, once it has drained you can wash yourself down with something OTC called Hibiclens, it is an antiseptic that will remove any trace of the bacteria off your skin.
    NOSE PICKERS! Staph – particularly MRSA colonizes in the nostrils. So if you dig for gold and then don’t immediately wash your hands – your spreading the bacteria and greatly increasing chances of infection.
    Every time you even go near the infected area – WASH THEM HANDS!

  38. Mix 1/2 oz of Oil of Oregano and 2 oz of Olive oil to make a rub for your legs. I use it all of the time. It kills the pain in 5 minutes. Put on as needed.

  39. I agree, antiobotics only work while you’re taking them. My 17 year old daughter has had cellulities in her left foot off and on since January 2011. She has had severe fevers, so was on 4 hourly panadol to keep the fever down and then she also had a loss of appetite. Thank you for these ideas, will give them a go, we are desperate.

  40. my partner suffers from this she has ms and is diabetic as well as a hole list of the medical dictionary her legs broke out now for 3 months ago shes had about 4 sets of antibiotics to no luck im bathing them in sea salt, lavender oil, and tee tree oil its going down but very slowly ones almost healed but the other is still oozing this yellow liquid. ill try the oregano oil thanks :)

  41. Though I haven’t tried any yet (I’ve been cellulitis free- both lower legs- for about 3 years now) I love the idea of natural and homeopathic treatments and wll try them if it occurs again. It sounds like they help with the symptoms but not sure they will cure it. I have been hospitalized and hit with heavy antibiotics as well as been sent home with a pic line in and IV antibiotics for 3-4 weeks. That stopped the cellulitis.
    People here have asked what kind of doctor to see to get real help. I recommend an infectious diseases specialist. They follow up closely and with great vigor.
    Keep clean and keep the weight down. Cellulitis often seems to be accompanied with or aggravated by edema. So wear compression stockings wheever possible and really work to lower sodium intake. Read food labels. Remember Jareds amazing weight loss with Subway turkey subs? A 6″ plain turkey sub has about 800 mg of sodium in it.
    Good luck to all.

  42. I have found salt to work well in removing the symptoms, and cleaning up the skin. The best salt I have found is sold as a body deodorant stick in most health food stores, although I am now seeing them all over. The skin must be moist when it is applied, and then the salt melts and sticks onto the area. The reason this works is because salt kills bacteria. That is also how the stick controls body odour, as it kills the bacteria that causes the smell. You still sweat, but like a child you no longer stink.

    I am about to test table salt on my very swollen leg. The above remedy worked for the rash under my arms and breast, but I’d like to soak my foot. The best way to do this is to boil the water and stir in the salt, so you can get the highest concentration of salt/water mix. Let it cool, and then soak your foot when it gets to a comfortable temp.

  43. I had cellulitis in my ear. It was extremely painful and hot to the touch. I was in agony so reading the above posts, I went out to the store and purchased Oil of Oregano with Olive oil. In putting the oil on my ear, the pain subsided almost immediately. Overnight, the swelling did not subside so I went out again to the store and purchased tea tree oil and Tamanu oil.

    I cleansed the ear with the Tea tree oil, then applied the Tamanu Oil. I let the Tamanu Oil soak in and then applied the Oil of oregano. I then grabbed my heating pad and put a clean but older pillow case over it and slept with my ear against the heat.

    This has done the trick and my ear is much better today. Actually, I have gone from feverish and completely ill to being full of energy and right as rain. The ear is still a tad tender but only very slightly. The heat really helped make for a good nights sleep as well!

    Thank you all for your posts! I didn’t want to spend 5 hours at emergency unless I really needed to. I feel great and am thrilled for the outcome.

  44. concerned mom on

    My three and a half year old daughter was prescribed a cream for a yeast infection with no visual signs or problems other than her grabbing that area. I was hesitant to fill the script, but did anyway. The cream caused her to get these pimple like blisters from it and they started spreading rapidly. So I stopped applying the cream to he area. I was hoping it would clear up. It did not! Of course it was Friday evening and I was had to wait all weekend trying to keep her condition at bay. I used peroxide with q-tips to clean the area and then applied a lil alcohol. I googled the name of the cream and discovered it was completely unnacceptable and not safe to prescribe to anyone under the age of seventeen! It is so unsafe and known to give forty percent of adults side effects. Life threatening! My daughter has been experiencing skin pigment discoloration as well as enlarged arteries. I bring her back to the doctor. They gave me a new doctor and I showed him the cream and I told him my concerns and her reaction to it. He thought it was odd. So I made him read it. Turns out the pharmacist fill the script wrong. Which is very bad and I am trying to get legal advise in regaurds to suing Walmart pharmacy. The doctor took skin swabs to culture test. He said it looks like cellulitis. He said he didn’t know what to tell me to do while we wait to find out if its mrsa. In which case she will have to take antibiotics. Which she is highly allergic to penicillan. In the mean time I know this could spread and get even more out of hand. I read to use Tea Tree Oil, lavender, aloe gel, and immune system booster. I applied the TTO twice today and have had her drink half a teaspoon three times today of “Wellness Formula” an immune builder with Echinacea augustifolia and pupurea, goldenseal root, yin chiao, elderberry, and a few other great herbs. I also am using an aloe base lavender soap which I add TTO to it. One product I noticed no one had mentioned which helps is neem oil and powder. People claim it helped. Last I am feeding my daughter infant probiotics to prepare her for the antibiotics they may prescribe. I am hoping to discover results in the morning.

  45. Victoria DeLacy on

    I was put on clindamycin by the hospital but had an ibs type reaction to it after the first week so had to discontinue that approach. Right now I’m on keflex antibiotic capsules by mouth 500 mg’s three times per day. They gave me no cream for the affected skin, so I made my own after some research. I started with a Cetaphil cream base to which was added colloidal silver solution along with tea tree oil and calendula oil. I have found this balm to be very soothing and the combination of treatments is beginning to heal the affected areas of my legs. I’m hoping to be entirely free of this condition within the next few weeks.

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