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Home remedies for Sun Tanned Skin

Posted on August 6, 2006 in Skin Care

Best Home remedy for sun tanned skin is potato juice. Apply raw potato juice on your tanned skin to get a fast relief. If the tan is severe then try these home remedies:

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14 Responses to “Home remedies for Sun Tanned Skin”

  1. timcy Says:

    it was great to see this site and such handy tips on so many things. im very hapy and impressed to see it and i hope and wish the results are good too.

  2. Itza Says:

    I’m glad i found a solution to my severe tan. I’ll try this and see how it works for me. Thanks.

  3. cucoo Says:

    I will try this

  4. ranjeet Says:

    really site has provided me great knoledge abt beauty thanks

  5. gopi Says:

    Really very good.

  6. alankrita Says:

    i likked this site,will try the remedy. lets hope it works

  7. vaidehee Says:

    has anyone tried it? i want to know if it works. i want a remedy for tan on hands and face…

  8. monsen Says:

    yeah it works,i tried it on my face nd it reduced my tan.. i like dis site. thanx

  9. Dana Gardocki Says:

    Spring is just about here and I can’t wait to hit the pool – that is a nice post, drop by for a visit and say hi.

  10. Mia Al Amin Says:

    Wow xD those remedies really work wonders, i’ve been using this for almost one week now, i wouldnt say tht my skin is already lighter but its so clean n fresh that it actually glows, just imagine how it would be like if this process is continued for a month or so xDD
    now this is magic ^^

  11. shanku Says:

    Hi all, can anyone tell the procedure to make the raw potato juice?
    I would be really thankful. Please reply soon friends.

  12. jaya Says:

    tips are greats and effective

  13. parinita Says:


  14. kalpana Says:

    tnq,but i have tried all what you have mentioned above could you please suggest me alternative tip .actually iam very fair but my hands looks very dark so could you please suggest me to get rid off blackness on my hands.

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