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Home remedies for Rough Hands

Posted on August 7, 2006 in Skin Care

rough hands

Rough hand is a common problem in women. Below are few easy home remedies for rough hands:

Prevent getting Rough hands

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31 Responses to “Home remedies for Rough Hands”

  1. d l jones Says:

    Hey, not all women dislike a man’s having rough hands. Simply filing off any obvious snags, cleaning dirt from under the nails, and making sure they are clean is sufficient so far as I’m concerned.

    I’m married to a carpenter/mechanic, and his hands are one of the things I find attractive about him. You can tell by looking at his hands that he uses them working for a living.

    One of my biggest turnoffs for me is a man with soft, manicured hands.

  2. Linda Says:

    The cornstarch and water really works! I followed your instructions with the soaking solution and I could tell the difference right away; thanks! My hands haven’t been this soft and smooth in years!

  3. Rachael Says:

    The cornstarch and water does work! My hands are so rough from softball and they look and feel better than ever. Thanks so much! I’m gonna try the sugar and olive oil tomorrow!

  4. sarah Says:

    wat is this sugar n olive oil thing?

  5. mahlaney Says:

    my friends always say that i have manly hands and that they are so rough…i didnt have any olive oil so i used veggie oil instead and…OMG THIS REMEDY HAS WORKED A MIRACLE!!!!!!!I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT MAYBE I WASNT SUPPOSED TO HAVE SOFT HANDS BUT THEY FEEL SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER NOW… THANKS A BUNCHES!!!!!!!!

  6. Darcia Says:

    the sugar and warm water works

  7. samreen Says:

    heyy.thanks……..sugar n limejuice really works…….

  8. jarenz7 Says:

    i will try and will be back after 1 week to tell you the result

  9. Nyota Says:

    There’s no cornstarch in my area, what can I substitute it for?

  10. Nessa Says:

    OMG!!!!!! That olive oil with sugar deff. Work!!! This is awesome my hands are sooo much better now!!! I love it!! Thanks!!

  11. Gerry Says:

    I tried the olive oil and sugar,and I was very happy with the result,instant soft hands!!

  12. komal Says:

    i have so much hard hans and feet with silver color scales.

  13. kAy2 Says:

    Thanks so much I tried sugar and Oil then it Works !!!!!!!! I’m so amazed ! thanks very much !

  14. Veronica Says:

    this reallly wotks im so happpppyyy thank you so much i feel so better xx

  15. Ms. Man Hans Says:

    I just barely tried the sugar n olive oil mixture…i was pretty skeptical at first…BUT it really does work! My hands feel sooo much better. Thanks!!!

  16. fatima Says:

    Hi, i juss tried the olive oil and sugar method and im very glad to say that it works immidiately. Thank you so much, im going to start doing this everday before sleeping! Ive always been embarressed of my rough hands, now i know there is hope=) LMFAOo, thanks once again

  17. Sara Says:

    OMG!!! The olive oil and sugar one works so well!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou to whoever wrote this article – it’s amazing!! But I’d just want to know how long it’ll last. I can’t believe I finally have soft hands – I’ve grown up with terribly rough hands and now their so smooth – it’s incredible – EVERYONE should do it, I swear.

  18. Marissa Says:

    OMG ! I have had the worst rough hands ever. I am so glad to say that the sugar and olive oil works immedialty , and my hands are so soft! i never thouqht it was possible .! thank you so much for all your help
    God Bless You

  19. Jojo Says:

    I got rough hands too. May I know the measurement for olive oil and sugar?

  20. sadie Says:

    The olive oil and sugar definitely works! I just tried it! But it is not a good idea to wash oil of any kind down a sink/drain.

  21. priya Says:

    Hi i tried with olive oil + sugar.but it doesnt work.the treatment vary with skin type?can anyone help?

  22. enock ookeditse Says:

    yeah!olive oil and sugar realy works miracles.My hand were so rough because of lifting weights and now i can see a huge difference.

  23. kristina Says:

    me and my cousin tried this today and OUR HAND ARE SO SOFT !!! i did it like 3 times in a row ,… we didnt even have the cornstarch so we just did the olive oil and sugar and it worked like a CHARMM !!!

  24. Farah Says:

    Can you please specify the quantities of olive oil and sugar. And also cornstarch and water. Thanks

  25. Hanah Says:

    hello..ahm..can I ask something..what kind of cornstarch are we going to use??

  26. Ace Says:

    As much as you need to cover your hands and 3 pinches of sugar it should feel like a buffing cream

  27. salma Says:

    hi my hands are very rough ,itcy and when i itchy them feel flames coming from my hands. its very pain full some of my hands skin is danage and hurting so much. help me please.i think my hands touch bath cleaners.

  28. Amara Says:

    Olive Oil and sugar works!!! I’ll do it every other day!

  29. Mandyknowsherstuff2 Says:

    Try sugar and baby oil. Simply rub your hands together then after a few minutes rise under warm water. Then apply petroleum jelly to your hands.
    My hands never felt softer….

  30. raiza Says:

    sugar and baby oil does work!!! WOW!

  31. Strawberry Says:

    oh my God I have always been so embarrassed of my hard hands that sometimes I didn’t want to hold my husbands hands. I tried the sugar and olive oil and my hands feel so much soft. All the dead skin was immediately removed. I was skeptical at first so I only used a little bit of sugar and olive oil and it worked! I want to try this on my feet now. I cant wait to see what daily use does for my hands.

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