Top 10 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Really Work


Initially every dieter feels enthusiastic while starting a weight loss program or diet plan. But gradually with time when diet plan becomes monotonous you tend to lose interest. It could be said that this is the main reason for dieters to keep switching from one weight loss program to another. Due to lack of motivation you might find it difficult to stick to one particular diet plan. Listed below are top 10 self motivating tips especially designed for people following diet plan:

Weight Loss Motivation Tips

  • Take a Break: In case you wish to give up your diet plan, it is better to take a week break from your diet plan. But break doesn’t mean that you eat anything and everything. Even during the break eat food which you wanted to eat while following the plan. And once you feel satisfied stop immediately and start your diet plan again. Break of couple of days won’t affect your diet plan much but you will feel fresh and enthusiastic to restart your diet plan
  • Set a Target or Deadline: Creating a deadline or target is a great motivator for few people. In case you fall under such category then this is the best way to motivate yourself. At the beginning you can set small targets like giving up chocolate for a month. You can even try to achieve a target weight by a particular date like your birthday, anniversary or a family occasion
  • Take Help of Personal Trainer or Coach: Today most of the personal coach or trainers provide free “taster” sessions to see if you can get along with their style. You can even hire a trainer for occasional session. These occasional sessions will boost your motivation. And remember you can hire trainers from any area like motivation gurus, stress management, time management, etc
  • Observe the Changes: Sometimes even the results act as great motivating agents. Look at one of your previous pictures and compare that with your latest photograph. Or in case you are maintaining your personal diet journal then compare the weights. See how much weight you have lost during the period of diet plan
  • Motivational Quotes: Reading or listening to motivational stories, inspiring thoughts or quotes also helps in boosting your motivation. You can select few motivational quotes and pin them at your notice board or save them as screensaver
  • Write or Talk to Your Friend: Jotting down your feelings, frustrations regarding your diet plan will also help you keep motivated. You can even share your thoughts with your close friend or relative. Even they can help you in sorting out your problem and can boost your motivation
  • Reward Yourself: Reward is great motivating factor. Make it a point to reward yourself after achieving certain targets. Like after reducing 5 pounds of weight you can reward yourself with a new dress flaunting your improved figure or a massage session at a spa
  • Experiment with Your Food: Following a diet plan continuously for long period is pretty boring. So you can experiment a bit with your food. Try including naturally low-fat food in your diet. You can even experiment with the flavors. Try out something new and exciting but make sure it maintains all the criterion of your diet plan
  • Try Out New Exercise or Sport: Sticking to same exercising routine also de-motivates people. Hence you can try different exercises or exercising machines at the gym. You can even participate in new sport or you can join some classes like aerobics or dance class
  • Subscribe Magazine or Blog which Motivates You: This is another way to keep yourself motivated. In this way you will new things about healthy living, nutrition and exercise

There could be many other ways to keep up your motivation. You can try out other ways to keep up your enthusiasm.


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