Why Married Men Cheat – 10 Signs of a Cheating Husband


Can you believe these facts – nearly 75 percent of married men i.e three in every four men cheat, and most of them go for an extra affair within the first three years of their married life. But it’s true. Do you know why?

This infidelity in men can be attributed to many factors. But the main reason, however, is it’s easier than ever before. Here are the reasons relationship specialists give for why men cheat:

Technology – An Easy Mediator
In the past days, there was no much scope for a man to communicate with other woman so easily as it is possible now. With increased easiness in communication with new technologies like mobiles, pagers, email, chatting etc., men have more scope to find and maintain a new relationship. These technologies allow men to cheat their wives easily without leaving any clue.

More Chances to Meet and Mate
With women becoming more independent and getting into jobs at various levels, the access between a man and woman has become much easier giving a better scope for developing ‘new relationships’. Lunch together at workplace, official parties, going out on various occasions, etc. give more chances to meet and also to mate later.

No Self-Control – Express Yourself
Normally a man thinks ‘If it feels good, do it’. This is the best reason why men go for extra affairs. A man, most of the times, feels it difficult to suppress his feelings, and in in turn tries to finds avenues to express his feelings. Obviously, an extra-marital affair is the best way of ‘expression’.

Satisfying Ego – Conquer More
Every male will have ego, and he feels having more relationships is the best way to feed his ego. Having one means ‘good, having two ‘better’, having three ‘best’, and more than that ‘great’. This is how a man satisfies himself, and that’s why he tries to conquer more women with Alexander’s thirst.

Lone Women Need Men
As relations getting disturbed due to various reasons, nowadays more ‘lone women’ are there in society. Though they search for new relationship or not, men are always ready to ‘help them out’.

Safe Sex – More Sex
In the past days chances were very less to have ‘safe sex’. That is the reason why men tried their level best to control their ‘feelings’, and the statistics of extra affairs were very less. Now, with new and more means of ‘safe sex’ available, men got more freedom to have an extra affair.

If you have any more reasons for ‘why men cheat’ or ‘why you want to cheat’ let us know. But, make sure your wife is not with you when you post your comment.

Do you think your husband is trying to cheat you, but don’t know exactly what you think is right or not. Then here are the signs of a cheating husband that make your task of catching him very easy.

Top 10 Signs of a Cheating Husband

  • Carries condoms, and you are using pill
  • Insists to keep the child seat, toys, etc., out of the car
  • Suddenly wants to try new love techniques
  • Works a lot of overtime, but the numbers won’t rise on his pay slip
  • Spends lot of time on his computer when you are asleep
  • Definite change in his attitude towards everyone in the family
  • Begins to delete incoming and outgoing phone calls from his mobile
  • Changes in timings he comes to bed and wakes up
  • Gets calls when you are with him, but he says ‘I will call you later’
  • The time he spends with his friends comes down, and his friends complain of sudden change in his behavior

Easy Ways To Keep Your Husband With You

Many women claim that their husband are not being loyal to them. After many years of marriage every couple gets used to each other’s company so much, that they forget the the magic of togetherness. And in this stage, it is more likely that men start looking for things elsewhere.

Men start looking for something new in life. Imagine, if you can offer him that something new, he will stick to you like an adhesive on the wall. If you are already doing that and still he is not trying to be with you, the case is different. You may need to meet marriage counselors.

But if you are wondering why your relationship isn’t getting beautiful, then may be you need to keep your husband with you and then rediscover each other. Here are some simple ways to stay connected to your husband. Try them, and be sure your relationship lasts long.

Cook a meal together
During holidays instead of dining out, both of you can plan to cook at home. It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing breakfast or lunch, what matters is you are spending some nice time together. Cooking together involves teamwork, which is the first priority for any marriage.

Do some household work and get dirty
Do some household job together like – cleaning out the garage, organizing the attic, pulling up shrubs in the yard. After completing your task, both of you feel a great sense of accomplishment as you got it done by ‘doing together’. Now as you both have worked up a sweat job, have a sweet bath together.

Go back to the past
In the beginning days of your relationship you might have done many things like – taking long walks, making out at the movies, going to concerts – to keep up your relationship. Talk about the activities you used to do when you first started dating, and plan to start doing them again.

Spend together all the day
Plan a day where you can each stay home from job. Spend the whole day at home alone and together. Do what you both like – watching movies, gardening, and many ‘other things’. Make sure your mobiles are switched off, otherwise they switch off your mood.

Stay connected everyday
All the above tips are to keep your relationship strong when you feel something is going wrong. But the best way to keep your husband is being genuinely concerned about him everyday. Being good to your husband is the best way to keep him with you.


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