Home remedies for stuffy ears


Painful at times, stuffy ear is very annoying thing that cause discomfort to its maximum. The major cause behind this stuffy ear is nothing but the impurities that start building up inside the ear due to lack of care. This helps the earwax to grow and swell. It is then that you find you ear to be stuffy.

There are a few home based remedies to this stuffy ear. If you ever encounter the problem, you can try these out. Probably, you may find them helpful. If they don’t, then the best way to get rid of it is to see a doctor and ask him to clean up the mess built inside your ear.

The remedies are listed below. A word of caution is important. Please don’t try those treatments if you are afraid of losing your hearing ability or even if you think that there is an infection inside your ear.

  • Ear-candling: This is an ancient method and is used to bring out the earwax and other impurities present inside the ear. In this method, a waxed cloth is rounded up to forma cone or a cylinder. One end of that cone or cylinder is placed in the ear canal and the other end is lighted. The vacuum generated inside the hollow of the cylinder or the cone pulls out the earwax and other impurities present inside the ear. This gives a relief from the stuffy ear. Caution is to be taken while doing this so that not even small amount of wax enters the ear. Normally, the hollow candle is stuck outside by a paper plate or an aluminum pie tin.
  • Another better option is to warm up some olive oil a little above the body temperature and pour a few drops in the ear. This will dissolve the wax that is built up inside the ear. You can then tilt your head so that the oil can flow out of the ear. Wash your ear using warm water (make sure that the water is just above the body temperature to avoid burning).
  • You can also use a solution of a spoonful of baby oil or hydrogen peroxide and warm water to wash off your ear wax. Make sure that there are no infections inside your ear because hydrogen peroxide can increase the infection and the situation can be worse.

Ear is a very sensitive organ. A little bit of neglect can lead to deep trouble and the days to come can be full of agony. Please ensure that you take care of your ear properly to avoid discomfort and pain which can actually hamper your regular lifestyle and day to day activities.


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