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Home Remedy To Kill Ants

Posted on July 3, 2008 in General Remedies

Ants are often considered as unwanted guests in a house, though these little creatures play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance. But if they have forcefully entered your house, you need to open a war front against them to save your food and children as well. In this regard, there are many tried and trusted home remedies to kill ants.

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13 Responses to “Home Remedy To Kill Ants”

  1. Guest Says:

    I just tried several of these, and I’m afraid that they don’t really work. When I put salt down, then just marched over it. Cinnamon definitely upset them, but they just walked around it, so you’d have to basically COAT every surface of your house in cinnamon for it to work? (also, after I “trapped” one for a few minutes in a ring of cinnamon, it eventually just walked over it). Same for chili powder.

    The one thing that killed them instantly was a fruit & vegetable wash that I use (which is basically watered-down soap). It seemed to instantly “drown” them, though it didn’t keep more of them from coming. However, I do think it was effective in sort of removing the “trail” chemicals that they use to communicate their path.

    I may try peppermint oil or grits next, but so far, I may just have to call an exterminator!

  2. k mccallum Says:

    I will check in later. I put a ton of salt down along my baseboard about an hour ago and so far the ants appear to have retreated. Stay tuned!

  3. k mccallum Says:

    Salt still appears to be holding the ants back…

  4. T Says:

    Salt never kept ants away in my home. In fact, the ants would seek out the salt shaker if we had an open one and would crawl inside. They would, of course, dry out and die while in the shaker, but boy did they love crawling into it, and thus everything around it too.

  5. Kt Says:

    I tried the vinegar i even mopped my floors in it, it did not work in my case. i also tried the chilli powder and they just found a new way around that. the only thing that i found to work was baby powder, but that only seemed to work once.

  6. cheryl k Says:

    Pour baking soda where the ants are, then pour vinegar on the baking soda and watch it fizz up and kill the ants !…….. It really works, I tried it.

  7. Lynn Says:

    We have lemon oil spray and they seriously hate that. its safe too.

  8. Marcella Says:

    JfI’ve tried the cinnamon and salt but too they eventually just walk over it. Then recently I was washing dishes with some bleach and I accidendly left some drops on the the counter- thus of course with prediction I found my answer.

    So, I made a solution with the following ingredients:
    • Water
    • Alcohol

    Mix all the following ingredients together and spray the solution in all the corners, side walls and even on the ants and it’ll be sure to kill them and block them. Spray your corners at least once a day to keep it effective.

    It still is helping me,

  9. elizabeth Says:

    baby powder works very good for containing them in a certain spot of the house and it also makes it easier to get rid of them once you have them contained

  10. Rose Says:

    I just tried a combination of vinegar and salt and it really works. I don’t know if it’s gonna keep them away (haven’t tried that yet), but the combo definitely kills ants.

  11. anita Says:

    on yahoo, it says to mix equal parts of icing sugar with baking soda, they will eat, and take back to their nests, the acid in their tummy with react and cause the ants to explode, i am trying it right now, will keep all posted

  12. Dana Says:

    Just put some vinegar down it killed one ant, and repels but doesn’t help kill them instantly. I’ll not use salt since it just stops them, I want to make sure they don’t come back. I will use the sprays, this may be helpful too. Though I’ve heard it best to kill them since they’ll report to headquarters and more ants will join the procession.

  13. Windy Says:

    I just tried half water and half vinegar. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will work.

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