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What are the benefits of eating chili?

Posted on July 8, 2008 in Food & Nutrition

In cold climates we need to increase and strengthen our immune system. Surprising as it may sound the chili plant can protect us from common winter ailments. If you can tolerate the ‘hotness’ of the chili that is.

What do chilies give you?

Nowadays, research studies have shown that consumption of chillies can act effectively against the formation of cancer causing tumors, especially in the prevention of prostate cancer.

While chillies have been used in the daily diets of Asians, South Americans and Mexican diets, it is gaining popularity in the diets of other countries also. Care must be taken in the use of chillies.
Caution is to be taken while the chillies are being cut, so as not to get them on the skin and in the eyes. Some enthusiasts have taken to wearing gloves and swimming goggles when they attack and chop chillies!

The benefits of eating chillies are plenty, but one has to be careful not to go overboard. Not that there is too much scope for this, as the ‘hotness’ will pour water on the enthusiastic and brave person!

It is a well-established fact that eating chillies can boost the immune system, and that chillies are loaded with vitamins and other essential ingredients. Hence, the benefits of eating chillies, but in controlled quantities.

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12 Responses to “What are the benefits of eating chili?”

  1. Bunmi Says:

    What diet can you recommend for skinny people to gain weight within the shortest possible time? Thanks

  2. Christ Says:

    Hi, I would first make sure that you do not have an intestinal bug of some sort or even a vitamin deficiency that may cause you trouble gaining weight. If it turns out you are healthy and only have trouble gaining weight…and your weight is considered underweight, then your doctor can probably advise you on a diet plan to gain a healthy amount of weight safely…I would think it would involve a higher protein type diet or something.

  3. james cavell Says:

    i cant take any chillis-i am too wet. i wish i could but bell peppers are definitely my limit. i once just walked 1 kilometre away from a tabasco sauce plant and fell over-my bottomwas throbbingly sore and my lips were so swollen it looked like i was wearing pink lipstick (well actually i was).

  4. Jovrien Says:

    @Bunmi Just drink Appeton and do 30 push ups everyday for 3 weeks. =) I tried that and now I look yummy lol

  5. Pu Says:

    I like chilies. I know there are lots benefits we can gain from chilies but eating chilies will make my pimples grow and go toilet many times. So sad…

  6. Sambal Petai Hui Says:

    Wah! I like chili too~ I want to eat now … please give me 1kg chili. I can’t wait to taste it. Omg, my stomach is making sound now

  7. Mfune pride Says:

    I find chilis helpful, my body fights diseases on its own, i dont tek conventional drugs

  8. Vegeta Says:

    It also has aprodisiac properties based from my experience.

  9. Susan Beaman Says:

    Can someone tell me why eating chillies in the summer is good for you? I lived in Phoenix and they somehow cooled me off. My son thinks this is foolish. Can someone help?

  10. natalie Says:

    i love chillii foods and i have noticed that i dont get sick very often

  11. mugenyi robert Says:

    Am a regular chill eater and i make sure every meal has chilli.But the problem which everybody around me is worried of when am eating is that i take alot of it.
    -Now is there any problem with eating alot because for me i enjoy it that way?
    -Some peopple say it has something to do with being active sexually is it true.

  12. lucia Says:

    overeating chilis can have a seriuos effect on the circulatory system in the long run such as decreasing blood pressure, slowing down of the heart and breathing difficulties! also chili is an aphrodisiac so yes it does :)

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