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Home Remedies for Baggy Eyes

Posted on January 25, 2009 in Eyes Home Remedies

Dark rings around the eyes, generally indicative of ageing process are referred to as baggy eyes. They are unattractive and most people who suffer from them do not like them.

Causes of Baggy Eyes

Remedies for Baggy Eyes
People with baggy eyes try to get rid of them in many ways. Skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and one has to be careful about the kind of treatment one wants to go in for to remove baggy eyes. How to remove bags near the eyes?

Baggy eyes can make you look awful. It is part of aging process as well. One can try getting rid of them by proper usage of cosmetics, getting adequate rest and proper nutrition. One must relax a lot as today’s modern life is full of stresses and strains.

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4 Responses to “Home Remedies for Baggy Eyes”

  1. Adamo Talossi Says:

    Im 20 years old and get terrible bags under my eyes in the morning! I cant leave my house for about 2 hours after i wake up. i get 6-9 hours sleep a night so i dont think thats the problem. any ideas?

  2. Larisa Says:

    Hi Im actually 13 years old and I have extremely baggy eyes I have been watching tv shows at night recently but even before that I still had some very baggy eyes any crream/formula or lotion or somethin???

  3. Leisia Says:

    Im 15 years old and i have baggy eyes i dont get much sleep most times about 4-5 hours but even when i get 8-10 hours of sleep my eyes are still baggy. so what can i do to reduce it other than get more sleep

  4. Antonio Says:

    Im 23 and i have really baggy eyes all the time. i get 9-10 hours of sleep, i dont smoke, and i drink water.. i really need sometime of solution

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