Skin Problems Related to Stress


A body under stress produces excess amount of testosterone and cartisol, which produce excess oil. This in turn leads to skin disorders and acne. The production of such hormone also results in sleep disorders, hinders functioning of lymphatic system and affects blood circulation. The net result you have dark circles under the eye and puffiness.

Stress prevents the flow of blood to the skin and affects other body organs. This affects the renewal process of cells and cell damaging free radicals gets a boost. One tends to age faster and the skin also looks dull and drab.

Stress causes several skin problems. Naturally, stress affects our body system in many ways, and skin is not exception to this. What skin problems are caused by stress?

What are the Skin Problems Related to Stress?

  • Acne is caused due to stress. Many teenagers, for example, undergo emotional problems and are generally under constant stress. They suffer from acne.
  • Eczema causes cracking, dryness, red patches and crusting on the skin. You often come across swelling and weeping blisters. The skin becomes itchy and inflamed. Stress is a major factor causing eczema. If this condition is in excess it can cause infection.
  • Psoriasis – It appears like thickened, dry and raised skin. It affects the scalp, elbows and knees. It is common during a trauma, abrasions or repeated rubbing. It is in the form of small bumps, thick plaques of skin that is raised, dry flakes of skin etc. It may look like severe dandruff. Psychological stress can cause psorasis.
  • Rosacea, which is facial rash affects many middle aged women and men. Stress is a major cause of it.
  • Warts – A wart is a benign growth found on the skin and the mucous membrane and is more of a cosmetic problem. They cause much discomfort and pain. Stress also causes it. Teenagers are vulnerable to it. They do lead a stressful life.
  • Blisters. A blister is formed when fluid is collected underneath the top layer of the skin. Stress as well as friction can cause a blister.
  • Cold sores. These are replicated on face, lip or nose due to herpes virus. Stress weakens the body system and starves it of vital vitamins and minerals. The immune system becomes weak. One is prone to infections such as colds, flu, which in turn cause cold sores. Mental stress also causes cold sores.
  • Dull and drab skin.-The skin is starved of oxygen and blood due to stress. Imperfect digestion affects the skin. Body does not absorb all the nutrients. Undigested gets accumulated in the body much faster. All this affects your body systems. Any malfunctioning of the body system reflects in the color of your complexion. The skin will look listless.
  • Excessive oil on the skin.
  • Wrinkles – Stress causes much strain and makes your skin age faster. Worry and anxiety affect the body system, which if not in proper order, affects the skin in many ways.
  • Skin Cancer – Stress is also a cause for skin cancer, not just skin burn.

Stress needs to be avoided at all cost. One must relax and take life easy. To have a glowing and healthy skin, one should refrain from stress causing events or situations. Also the diet needs to be well regulated. It needs to consist of adequate vitamins and minerals, which provide sufficient energy for proper bodily functions.



  1. hello, i m 26 years old girl and i m under stress. I have lots problems in my life so which affect my face skin and hair. I have lots of dark circles under my eye area and my face skin not glowing. i have black spots and my pores also opened. I have a very fair complexion but only face looks dull and oily too rest of my body skin is very fair and good. Please give me some solution.

  2. Hello, I seen a doctor today over severe skin itch with no signs of any type of rash, he said it was possibly due to stress and it is sort of a hive reaction. I also got seen today because of inflammation of the stomach lining causing me nausea and all sort of problems over the last week I have also had bronchitis the doctor believes this all due to stress. However I did not see a description of skin itch/burn on the list. I have not been around anything new that I could be allergic too. I am taking Benedaryl and Prednisone at this time for the itch. What exactly is this? I have had a lot of skin related problems over the last 2 -3 years.

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