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Effects of Lack of Exercise on the Body System

Posted on February 6, 2009 in Health Tips

Exercise is very essential to keep the body fit. The body has to be toned up regularly. Exercise helps improve overall vitality and makes one feel energetic and vibrant. In case, you do not exercise, then your health gets affected in many ways. How does lack of exercise affect your health?

Effects of Lack of Exercise

One must exercise regularly. Lack of exercise can lead to serious health problems. One must follow a regular regimen of exercise. It is good to stay healthy and fit.

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10 Responses to “Effects of Lack of Exercise on the Body System”

  1. matthew Says:

    In my opinion lack of exercise and and not having proper diet might be somewhat equal to smoking. Yes, it is as dangerous as that. So, next time you do not feel like geting out of bed in the morning, think about this.

  2. Johnchi Says:

    An inactive of sedentary lifestyle could give you lot of health problems. some of the primary in them are increased risk of diabetes, cholesterol problem, increased blood pressure and above all the root of all diseases, obesity. If you want to avoid all this then simplest advise is, do a 30 to 60 minutes physical activity as walking, cycling or swimming.

  3. thomas edison Says:

    me too :) :)

  4. Josh Kocot Says:

    Indeed, i like men now :))

  5. Johnchi Says:

    Lack of exercise have long term effects and would not be visible in days. The mistakes done during your 20s is visible in your 50s. Lack of exercise would affect you both physically and psychologically.

  6. Dosi Says:

    Today’s teen are very obese and one of the major factor contributing that is lack of exercise. New generation people no longer consider exercising as a necessary job.

  7. Tiffany Says:

    Lack of exercise could lead to heart problems, could affect your immune system, could make you overweight, could also make you diabetic and what not. Lack of exercise is the root cause of many illness which if you want to list might include 80% of the diseases. Nearly all the diseases are somewhere related to our lethargic attitude. So tighten your laces, fix a morning alarm and just go for it to live extra 10-15 years of your life.

  8. lee Says:

    A family member I know Never works out and doesn’t give a sh*t about her health. Eats crap 24-7 and wonders why she is always depressed, low energy, negative,low self esteem and is now on heart medication. Sad thing…she Wont listen or heed my advice. Some people just don’t care about themselves. This needs to be mainstream

  9. jane Says:

    dear dosi,
    i am 15 years old and your comment is very offencive because i run 5 miles everyday to stay in shape and i lift 20lbs (20 lbs each arm) 100 time twice daily… i’m not obesed…
    thanks, jane

  10. danie;l Says:

    They should invest in salads and gym memberships..

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