Does Height Increases by Hanging?


Yes. Most people like to increase their height if it is possible. Being tall is an added advantage socially. One is admired for being so. Also, one can take part in several sports.

One stops growing tall after a certain age. For women it is between 18 -20 and for boys 21-23. The hormone that is released by the pituitary gland promotes physical growth. A woman can grow till 22years and a man up to 25 years.

Good nutrition, exercise and yoga as well as vitamin and mineral supplements can help add a few inches. Of course, genetics do play an important role and hereditary factors do determine height. Apart from these factors that influence height, one can also hang from the rod and increase one’s height. Let us understand this phenomenon better.

How Height Increases by Hanging?

  • One must hang from a rod. The weight of the body should be placed on the hands. By doing this exercise 30 minutes per week or 1 to 5 minutes daily, one can increase one’s height. This exercise improves one’s posture and increases the height.
  • One can increase the width of the back and shoulder by having a wider grip on the bar.
  • As far as children are concerned, one must lift them up so that they can reach the bar. Be prepared to catch them when they let go off the bar.
  • One can hang from the bar of the door. It is very convenient. Hang on the bar to the extent possible. Increase the time on the bar gradually.
  • One can also swing to and fro from the bar.
  • The chin up exercise also is good. Take a chair. Hang from the bar with one foot on the chair. Try to push yourself further up by the foot on the chair.

Being tall enhances your self-esteem. One is more confident and enjoys much public admiration. So why not hang off a bar and increase your height? One can do it in one’s own home, thus avoiding a trip to the gym.



  1. Im 15yrs old. My height is 5.5ft.How much time will i take to grow atleast 3inches if i regularly hang on a bar for 30mins a week?

  2. It is impossible to grow up 3 inches simlpy by hanging. 1 inche yes, but 3 no. I am 1.81cm and i want to become 1.83cm

  3. i m 20 yrs of age. will my height increase by 2 cms by hanging. how much time will this take??? plz do reply..

  4. jackerjack619 on

    i hang daily 1-5 minutes on the rod and try to do some pull ups and i shockingly increased my height by 6 inches and now i am 5-11

  5. hie i am 12.6 years and i am 4 feet and 10 inches i am too short .. iwant to know what shoul be my height according to my age .. i want to know methods of growing taller phisically….. can hanging off bar increase my height …. i want to be 5feet 7-8inches on my fourteenth how much time i will grow …. if i hang off bar daily for atleast 5 minutes will it really work…. plzzzz reply ……. i am curios to know this ……. i love height ….plz plz plzzzzzzz reply someone ………

  6. my age is between 19 and 20 year and my height is 5.5 does hanging excercise help me to inrease my height and how much in time i will increse 2 inch

  7. I am 22 years old and my height is 5.6. I want to be 5.9 or 6.0. is it possible or not. and with what kind of exercises.

  8. Hey guys. I’ve been hanging from bar for 5 mins. morning and night. & i been streching a lot every hour. and I grew about 6 inches tall in 8 months 🙂

  9. Hi I am 19 yrs old.I am 6foot2inches. If I start hanging exercise will I be able to increase 3 inches height by 3 months?

  10. hi i am salman my age is 13 and a half and i am 5 foot 6 inches..i was 11 when my height was 5 ft 6 inches…from 2 years im not growing..will my heiht grow in 2 months by hanging…reply someone plz

  11. Hi, em 22 years old and my height is 5.10 but it stop increasing now and em too worried bout it. I want to increase my height upto 10 inches. Can somebody telmi is it possible?

  12. Hang 4 20sec 10times early in the morning jst after leaving bed.this wil add 4 inches to ur height in 6 months .do this if ur age is 15_18.

  13. hi, i am 15 and i am 5″5′. it has been almost 14 days that i am hanging from a bar (3 times each 20 sec) and do pull-us. I also lift dumbbells not benchpresses just lift them 30 times (4 lbs) with my both hands …..i wanna ask how much time will it take to increase my height. i wanna be atleat 5″10′ or 11’…..might be 6″

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