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Fruits and Vegetables for Diabetics

Posted on September 16, 2009 in Diabetes Remedies

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is good for health. These must be part of one’s diet. Healthy individuals can have vegetables and fruits of their choice, but diabetics have to go in for restricted diet, although they can have fresh fruits.

Proper diet is essential for any unhealthy person. Diabetics are no exception. The nature of the disease is such that it is better for them to have certain types of vegetables. Not much restriction is placed on fruits.

Vegetables for diabetics

Vegetables to be consumed less

Fruits for Diabetics

Fruits to be avoided by Diabetics

Diabetic can also enjoy the taste of vegetables and fruits , although they my have to forgo certain vegetables. Their diet must contain plenty of vegetables and fruits.

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3 Responses to “Fruits and Vegetables for Diabetics”

  1. Efoghor Joseph Says:

    This is quite educative. The diabetic is not allowed to eat every kind of fruit because of the risk of hyperglycemia resulting from excess fruit glucose.
    In as much as fruits are very necessary, he/she should be aware of the risk factors of eating the prohibited fruits.

  2. Obbop Says:

    Appears reducing intake quantity of most foodstuffs CAN be pert-near as important as to what one shovels into the gaping maw.

    That may be the hardest part.

    Consuming vast quantities of comestibles is fun and sates one to many needs, physical AND psychological.

    You will likely have to force yourself to engage the mental portion-control valve and reduce the amount consumed.

    Yeah, that is a real bummer as Hippie Bob used to say before donning a business suit and economically exploiting a horde of hard-working peons from his Wall Street office then retiring in a far-off country lacking any treaties with the USA in regards to handing him over for prosecution.

  3. halima shaikh Says:

    my sugar has increase its 392 before breakfast and i have a pain in my leg
    it has become to large i cant walk i cant put my feet down i am using glizid m tablet and neurobion forte tab please sugest me what to do which vegetables are good for me give me a diet chart thanks

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