Custard Apple Benefits


There are lot of custard apple benefits and custard apple is consumed in row form. Custard milk shake also tasted good. It happens to be tropical fruit which grow quite easily. It happens to be very popular in India. Since it has the taste of custard it is known as custard apple. The plant normally blooms sometime between March as well as July. It had of course a very peculiar aroma. It has very sweet taste.

The custard shrub is an ever green shrub. The fruits must be plucked before they are ripe and then need to be stored for ripening. The flesh of the fruit is white as well as creamy and has a sugary taste. The seeds happen to be black in color that have good shine. The seeds are not consumed and they are a bit poisonous.

It is a well balanced diet.

Benefits of custard apple
The top custard apple benefits includes:

  • It is useful for curing vomiting.
  • Helps in treating diarrhea, vertigo as well as dysentery.
  • It helps in taking care of vertigo.
  • It is rich in minerals such as phosphorous, calcium, iron, as well ribloflavin.
  • It is rich source of Vitamin B6. Any deficiency in Vitamin B can cause skin problems, sore throat, depression as well as convulsions.
  • Custard apples contain a lot of copper, which helps the body form hemoglobin.
  • It contains plenty of Vitamin C.
  • They contain lot of protein, fibre, minerals, energy, vitamins, little fat as well as energy.
  • It also contains magnesium, as well as potassium, carbohydrates.
  • It has medicinal properties.
  • As dried and powdered it can be used to cure lice.
  • The acids contained in the fruit help in the digestion of the fruit as wella s other fruits.
  • It helps in treating gout.
  • Indigestion problems also get settled.
  • It contains complex carbohydrates.

Custard Apple Benefits are immense. Custard apples do taste well, but they are also good for health. It good to have them as part of one’s diet.


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