Unhealthy Eating Habits


Food intake for the body is very essential. Of course, the intake must be of nutritious value and not junk food. Those who eat right maintain good health. They live longer. On the other hand those who are not very conscious of their food habits and eat whatever comes their way tend to suffer from more diseases and that is called as unhealthy eating habits.

Most people are very conscious of what they eat and also like to keep a check on their weight. Professionals like to look smart. Good figure adds to their personality. No doubt, this may not be the criteria for their getting a job, but nevertheless it enhances their overall get-up.

These days modern style of living of course has forced many to resort to change food habits. Earlier people had much time on hand and would go in for good whole meal. Now they tend to prefer a quick meal. Junk food has become very popular.

Teenagers go for fast foods. A quick meal is very essential as they are pressed for time. Also junk food tastes very good.

How unhealthy foods bad habits affect us? – Unhealthy Eating Habits

  • Lack of nutrition.
  • Obesity.
  • Can cause diabetes.
  • One can suffer from heart diseases.
  • Prone to all kinds of diseases.

Few unhealthy eating habits

  • One must not skip breakfast. Starting on an empty stomach is not very good. One must have proper food intake.
  • Salty food is not very good. One must decrease the amount of salt.
  • Avoid drinking water during a meal. It is better to drink later on.
  • Avoid cooking in used oil. There could be toxic substance in it. Toxic substances can cause cancer. Olive oil and avocado oils are less toxic.
  • Having few meals a day is not good.
  • Eating foods which contain lot of calories, will cause obesity etc.
  • Junk food does not contain any nutrition.
  • Overeating can cause diabetes, heart diseases etc.

One must eat right. Good food keeps one healthy. One must not overeat.


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