Home Remedies for Hair Thickening


Beautiful and gorgeous hair draws much attention. It enhances the beauty of a woman. Thinning of hair may lead to baldness. Naturally, one would like to have thick hair as it looks lustrous. We have discussed below some of the best home remedies for hair thickening below.

In ancient times also women took much care of their hair. They like long lustrous hair and used a lot of perfume to scent the hair. Men found such hair very attractive.

Having thick hair or rather retaining thick hair is not all that easy. One has to take good care of the hair. No doubt, genetic factors do play a vital role in thick hair, but one can also make an effort to have thick hair.

Hair loss can be due to pregnancy or when women reach menopause. Women of course do not lose as much hair as men. Nevertheless, as one grows older, one tends to lose hair. Sometimes it can result in baldness. Underlying diseases also cause hair loss. Stress, surgery, infection, too much brushing, improper diet as well as tumors can also cause hair loss.

Home remedies for Thickening of Hair
Some of the top and primary home remedies for hair thickening are:

  • Henna is good for the hair. One can make paste of henna and apply it on the hair. Let it remain for an hour or so and then rinse the hair. One can mix the henna with an egg and also put some drops of lime as it will give it a shine. This is one of the best home remedy for hair thickening.
  • Aloe vera shampoo is good for getting a thick hair.
  • One can add gelatin to the shampoo. Shake the shampoo well so that the gelatin gets dissolved. For intensive treatment, the gelatin must be dissolved in a cupful of warm water. Let the shampoo dry and then wash it off.
  • Avacado as well banana pack is good for the hair. Bananas are full of potassium as well as Vitamin A. These nutrients regulate the moisture on the scalp. In case the scalp is not in proper shape, then it could cause hair to fall. Avocados also contain Vitamin A and plenty of protein, Vitamin E, as well as Vitamin B. One has to mash about 1/4th of banana as well as 1/4th of avocado till it happens to be smooth and creamy spread. Then apply this paste on the scalp as well as the entire length of one’s hair. Let it be for 20 minutes, then rinse it off. Next, shampoo the hair as you usually do. The hair will look lustrous and prevent hair falling.
  • Oat flour is also a good conditioner for the hair. Add about 2 tablespoonful of oat flour to one’s conditioner or make some oat flour water to pour it on the hair, before using the hair conditioner. The lipids that are present in the oat flour can create much luster and thickness of the hair.
  • Beer also has a lot of protein as well as sugar and it gives a quick lift to the hair. One can pour even stale beer on the hair. Then rinse it off by shampooing. One need not worry about the smell of beer as it will go away after application.
  • Honey is also good for dull hair as well as thin hair. Since honey is thick, the application procedure may take sometime. Make use of squeeze bottle to apply honey on the hair. One has to pour the required amount and then massage the honey into the hair till each strand is saturated. Then pin up the hair on top of the head and let it be for about 15 minutes. This application will get washed off easily when one is having shower.
  • One can take silica in a capsule form.
  • Rinsing hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar as well as sage tea helps to prevent thinning of hair.
  • One can take Ginkgo Biloba for better blood circulation as it will help prevent hair fall
  • One can take the herb Saw Palmetto as it helps in unblocking hair follicles.
  • One can use nettles to promote hair growth and prevent balding of the scalp.
  • Margosa as part of Ayurvedic treatment helps in hair growth.
  • Tree tea oil also kills bacteria.
  • One can make use of a Chinese herb known as Fo-ti as it stops falling of hair and restores hair color.

Basic tips for thickening hair
Below are some of the best basic thickening hair tips:

  • One must have proper and nutritious diet. The diet must consist of essential nutrients.
  • One must make sure the shampoo is of good quality. Shampoos of cheap quality can damage the hair and cause hair falling. The shampoos must have fewer chemicals.
  • One must also prevent dandruff as it causes hair to fall. Special shampoos are available for this.
  • The hair must be washed regularly or it will result in hair fall.
  • One must avoid hair sprays as well as gels.

Falling of hair can result in baldness. Thick hair makes one look good and it is sign of good health. One can make use of home remedies as well other simple remedies to prevent hair fall.



  1. my girl friend is suffering from hair loss,she has got curly hairs is this is the problem or it can be the medicines of tuberculosis she has been taking from last 1 year

  2. i too have curly hairs and i think for my hair loss the reason is firstly curly hairs they are dificult to manage 2ndly changing shampoos and the medicines are too the reasons

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