Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Gnats


Gnats are nothing but household pests. Gnats belong to those type of pests from which we cannot escape easily. Gnats are commonly known as Fruit Flies. They are found in moist places where they can find their food easily. They basically like the smell of rotten food. They do not harm us in anyway but they make buzz sound making us feel annoyed.

Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Gnats :-
Some of the top home remedies for gnats are as mentioned below –

  • Take a bottle. Filled it with vinegar. Poke several holes in the bottle and put it where you find gnats.Gnats will be attracted to the vinegar smell. They will try to climb the bottle with the help of the holes but they won’t be able to climb.
  • Take a bowl. Put vinegar and dish soap into it. Keep it where you can find gnats
  • Put a rotten fruit near the window or outside the door
  • Spray chemical agent to get rid of gnats
  • Pour baking soda and vinegar in the drain. Do not run away water
  • Mix alcohol with one cup of water. Spray wherever you can find gnats
  • Keep fruits and vegetables into the refrigerator

Sign And Symptoms Of Gnats :-
Below are some of the top gnat sign and symptoms –

  • Gnats are usually found in warm and moist environment
  • One can also find gnats where plants are dead
  • It can be found to places filled with water.
  • Large amount of gnats are found where drainage is kept

Tips Of Controlling Gnats :-
Let us see some of the ways in which Gnats could be controlled –

  • Keep sink areas clean and dish free
  • Use vinegar regularly to keep your sink clean
  • Use a tight lid on the garbage
  • Put low pressure sodium lamps which will not attract the gnats
  • Put require amount of water in your plants


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