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Natural Home Remedies For Feline Stomatitis

Posted on February 17, 2011 in General Remedies

The other name for Feline Stomatitis is Feline gingivostomatitis (FGS). The word stoma means opening. It is referred as oral cavity in cats. Not much of the people know about this disease and it is rarely found in cats. It is a disease which affects the gums in the mouth. It becomes reddish in color. The cat cannot eat its food due to the pain.

Natural Home Remedies For Feline Stomatitis :-
Below are some of the top home cure methods for feline stomatitis –

Treatment Of Feline Stomatitis
Some of the primary and effective treatment methods for feline stomatitis –

Symptoms Of Feline Stomatitis :-
Top Feline Stomatitis symptoms are as mentioned below –

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3 Responses to “Natural Home Remedies For Feline Stomatitis”

  1. homeremedies Says:

    I like this post.I gathered good knowledge about Feline Stomatitis. I don’t even aware of this problem.I have cat name Stacy,i love her if in future she face such problem then i solve her problem by applying the natural ways suggested in the post.Thanks for sharing such a reliable post.

  2. LuckysMommy Says:

    My cat Lucky is getting a Gum Biopsy and it is almost 110% likely she has Stomatitis, she will need to go on ATOPICA & we will have to research other avenues of treatment. I am looking into homeopathic treatments for 2 reasons, money is a SERIOUS issue (over 100$ a month for AOPICA) & ATOPICA has ROTTEN side efx. NOT fair for my Angel face :(

  3. LuckysMommy Says:

    It doesnt tell u how to prepare the goldenseal.

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