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How to Get Rid of Sinus Problems

Posted on January 31, 2011 in Respiratory System

The clinical term for Sinus is Sinusitis. They are found in your cheeks, in either side of the nose,at the back of the nasal cavity,between the eyes and in the forehead. Mucous Membrane is a tissue which is a thin layer found inside the nose. It protects the nose from the dust and germs that are present in the air when we breathe in.

Causes Of Sinus :-
It can be caused by various number of allergies such as bacteria, fungi, cold and dry air, and nasal abnormalities.It can also be caused due to fever,headache,smoking, blocked feeling in the nose and pain above the eyes.

Symptoms of Sinus :-

Top 5 Homemade Remedies for Sinus Infection :-

Tips of taking care of Sinus :-

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