Home Remedies for Chapped Lips


Symptoms of the lips being chapped are painful puckering, unbearable pursing, dryness, roughness and cracks in them. Weather and a habit of licking the lips often are couple of reasons for this condition. Home remedies for chapped lips not only treat this undesirable state but also prevent it from happening in future. The ingredients used in these preparations are all natural. It is safe to apply them on the lips without worrying about any side effects.

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips
While home remedies mostly refer to some useful preparations at home, they also include developing certain healthy lifestyle practices to treat a condition of the body. Sometimes, adjusting the manner in which we lead our daily life can greatly provide relief from undesirable physical states. Some of these practices and adjustments for naturally treating chapped lips are:

  • The urge to lick the lips should be controlled. When the sensitive lips get exposed to water often, the moisture in them gets evaporated easily leaving them dry
  • Lips do not contain the pigment melanin. As a result, exposure of this part of the face to the ultra-violet rays of the sun can cause skin cancer. In the best interest of the lips, applying a lip balm with sun screen protection factor above 15 can be beneficial
  • A habit should be developed to apply lip balm every night prior to sleeping. These products protect the moisture of the lips by forming a protective barrier over the skin
  • The skin of the lips might be allergic to the chemicals of the toothpaste used. Changing the brand of the tooth paste can treat the condition
  • Mustard, orange juice, alcohol and pepper should be avoided while the lips get healed and retain their natural state
  • Drinking the recommended six-eight glasses of water or more keeps the body hydrated and prevents the chapping of the lips
  • Apply a paste of honey and Vaseline on the lips and leave them for 10-15 minutes. Later a cotton ball dipped in warm water can be used to remove the mixture. The procedure can be repeated for 2-5 days to see positive results
  • Coconut oil drops can be applied on the lips many times in a day especially in dry and cold weather
  • Aloe vera is a natural plant with several benefits. Applying the gel inside its leaves on the lips daily can cure chapped lips naturally
  • The natural ingredients in cucumber can be used to treat bad state of the lips. It is a simple but quite effective remedy
  • Vitamin A is a vital nutrient associated with the repair of the skin. In take of foods rich in this vitamin like carrots, green leafy vegetables and tomatoes can be very beneficial in naturally treating this condition
  • The smooth of the dry and chapped lips can be retained by applying some drops of castor oil on them
  • A mixture of glycerin and crushed rose petals can be applied on the lips to get back the color and moisture of the lips back
  • Rose petal extracts can be mixed with raw milk and applied on the lips to get similar results

Conclusion: We might have to spend time and effort regularly while applying the home remedies or natural cure for chapped lips. But, the results will be equally rewarding in the end.



  1. Some of the remedies for chapped lips are given below.

    – Apply Aloe vera gel on the lips daily.
    – Rub cucumber slices on the lips daily.
    – Apply coconut oil on the lips several times in a day.
    – Combination of honey and vaseline should be applied.

  2. Hi, my lips are chapped and dark, i have a habit of smoking and i think because of this my lips turn dark , well i have applied many things to treat this but i did’nt get any result. I would like to know some good remedies for my chapped and dark lips.Your help will be appreciative .

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