How to Heal Bruises


A bruise is a skin injury involving localized collection of blood in the tissues. The trauma received causes internal bleeding into the surrounding interstitial tissues. Discoloration of the skin and pain accompany this injury. There are both modern and age-old treatments available for this injury. This article tries to gain more insight on this subject.

What are the Modern Treatments for Bruising
RICE: The acronym stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. While putting ice on the area of trauma and its elevation prevents the inflammation and internal bleeding by restricting the flow of blood, taking rest speeds up the process of recovery.

NSAIDs: These are potent pain killers which provide immediate relief from the discomfort. However, discretion should be observed on their frequent usage owing to the side effects of these medications.

Physiotherapy: According to the gate control theory of pain, massage of the injured area by experts can cause application of appropriate amount of pressure on the damaged tissues. Heat developed by the compression can help in restoring the blood flow in the capillaries. This results in the patient experiencing warmth, relief from pain and quick healing of the injury.

However, this technique should be initiated not before three days of receiving the injury or before ensuring that the internal bleeding has stopped. Otherwise, the remedy can worsen the state of bruising.

Medicated Cream: These products must contain mucopolysaccaride polysulferic acid as the active ingredient speeding up the process of healing.

Nutrition: Intake of foods rich in Vitamins C and K are very beneficial. While the former helps in thickening the walls of the tissues the latter regulates the clotting of blood.

How to Heal Bruises Using Home Remedies

  • According to Chinese medicine, one part of cayenne pepper can be mixed with five parts of melted Vaseline to form a paste. It is allowed to cool and applied on the bruise to get quick results
  • A tea can be prepared from comfrey roots and applied on the affected area. It reduces pain and discoloration of the skin naturally. Its leaves can be used to form a plaster and heal the injury
  • Taking a bath with witch hazel can be very beneficial in healing the bruise. The substance is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and stringent properties. The bath increases the circulation of the blood through the injured site and fastens the process of healing
  • Cabbage is a vegetable known for its natural inflammatory property. Its intake as salad can prove beneficial

BruiseWhat are the Less Known Facts on Bruising
Though our natural protection system, the immune system is competent enough to heal bruising completely, in some cases, the injury can be an indicator of a serious ailment like cancer. For example, bruising in the navel along with abdominal pain suggest pancreatic cancer.

Undergoing certain types of treatments for a long period of time can cause bruising. For example: Glucocorticoid therapy.

Conclusion: Irrespective of its cause, knowledge of how to heal bruising can always prove handy in treating the condition or in addressing a serious and unforeseen condition in its very early stage.


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