Pulled Back Muscle Symptoms


Work involving strenuous activities, spending hours together in sitting posture without taking breaks can lead to the abuse of the tissues and muscles of the back. The consequence can be apparent in the form of pulled back muscle symptoms. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to ignore these signs in their initial stages when they can be easily treated. Allowing the issue to remain unaddressed over a period of time can only increase its severity.

What is the Grading for Pulled Back Muscle Symptoms
There are three grades under which the symptoms of muscle strain are classified. They occur depending on the magnitude of the stretching force experienced by the back muscle. They are:

Grade 1: Here mild discomfort is felt by the patient. The condition does not affect the body in any other way. The patient can remain mobile.

Grade 2: Moderate level discomfort is experienced by the patient. Strenuous tasks have to be given up. Adequate rest is required to ensure speedy recovery and hence the patient is immobile. Swelling and bruising of moderate level can also be observed.

Grade 3: The patient is confined to the bed. Sever injury cause considerable amount of pain. Medical treatment can reduce the pain and provide relief. But, complete recovery can take weeks.

Why Symptoms of Pulled Back Muscle Cannot Be Ignored
In the later stages, the condition can turn chronic. Mostly the medicines are inadequate to provide permanent relief if any condition turns chronic. It keeps coming back after a specific period of time. Prescribed drugs can only provide temporary relief. The patient increasingly starts depending on these potent chemical substances for seeking relief.

As it is know the anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injections prescribed to treat severe back pain have several side effects. They additional take a tole on the patients’ health as he/she ages.

Lifestyle adjustments become imperative to sustain life and it is difficult for many to make these changes. Getting adjusted to a new life in later years of life is another challenge all together. Depression is quite prevalent in the patients who suffer from chronic pain in the back. Disability to work to full potential hampers personal and professional life in a significant way.

How Ignorance on Home Remedies Aggravate the Severity of Pulled Back Muscle Signs?
Lack of knowledge about the natural ways of getting relief to the chronic pain can prove to a challenge. Though these techniques are less effective in comparison to their artificial counterparts, they have no side effects. They aim at addressing the root cause of the condition. Their effectiveness is test-tested though they lack scientific evidences.

They may not provide instant relief. But, they do not suppress the function of a body part to meet their remedial objective. These remedies show their full potential in treating the condition over a period of time. While they are excellent in their task for grade 1 and grade 2 signs of pulled back signs, their auxiliary role in treating grade 3 signs patients cannot be denied.


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