Pimple on back by spine


A pimple like blister is formed when we apply too much pressure on any part of the body. The bony parts are more susceptible to pressures sores. Such pressure sores on the back are often mistaken for pimple on back by spine. The spine is a chain of ring like bones, which provide protection to the spinal cord running through them.

When a person sits or lies supine for too long a period, blood circulation is affected. There is less circulation of blood to the parts that are rested too long. In this case it is the spine. Added to the poor circulation is the constant pressure exerted by the bone on the cells that surround it. This leads to the death of the cells. Eventually, sores and what is called as pimple on back by spine are formed.

Pressure sores are painful and if neglected can spread to muscle and bone. They can also get infected. To get rid of the pimple on back by spine, relieve pressure on the back and spine. Following tips my help you fight pressure sores.

  • If your job entails sitting for a prolonged period, make sure the chair is not hard. If it is hard then get your own cushion and make yourself comfortable.
  • Get up and move around every half hour or so to enable blood circulation.
  • Sit upright. Do no slouch forward in the chair as slouching leads to sores around the tailbone area or the far end of the spine.
  • If you get pressure sores while lying down, take a look at your mattress. It should be taut and firm, but not hard.


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  1. I get these 2 or 3 times a year but could not figure out why.Always on the spine area in the middle of back. Sometimes i bench press and maybe the weight is to much for my back ? “i am 52 years old”
    But i also lay on my back mostly when i sleep,maybe i should learn to sleep on my side?

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