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Cucumber for face
Take a fresh cucumber and blend it well. Apply the blended cucumber on face, eyes and neck. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off. Cucumber is a wonderful tonic for face and skin near by. Cucumber could be used regularly which could help in preventing blackheads, pimples, face dryness and wrinkles. Cucumber could also be used as a whitener for all types of skins. Make lotion out of few drops of limejuice, a bit of turmeric and one tbs of cucumber juice. Stir it well and apply it on face and neck. Leave it for half hour and wash it off.

Coconut Face Mask
Take coconut oil and use it to massage your face properly. Once you have massaged your face with coconut oil, take a cloth, dip it in hot water, squeeze the excess water and spread it over face. Cloth should not be too hot. Repeat the process for 5-6 times. wash your face now with warm water. Now use rose water with some cotton and spread it on your face gently so as to remove traces of oil. Wow, you got a glowing face.

Paste of Oatmeal for oily skin
Oatmeal: 2 tablespoon
Olive oil: 1 teaspoon
Parsley: 1 tablespoon (chopped)
Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
Yogurt: 4 tablespoon (plain)

Make a mixture out of all the above ingredients. Massage the mixture on skin and rinse it after about four to five minutes. This preparation is best for oily and irritated skin.

Top 10 Essential Nutrients For Your Skin

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for your skin and hair. A deficiency in any of these nutrients may lead to premature aging, wrinkles, dull skin, graying of hair and hair loss. Have a look at these:

1. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the best defence mechanisms against the sun’s harmful effects. It prevents from inflammation and sun damage. Vitamin C also reverses age damage, by increasing the production of collagen, an element that keeps the skin firm and elastic. Best sources of vitamin C include amla, orange, lemon, guava, sprouts, leafy vegetables, potato with skin (baked or microwave)

2. Vitamin E: Vitamin E provides the first line of defense against UV rays, it is nature’s very own sun blocker. It reduces sun damage and improves skin texture by preventing wrinkles. Best sources of vitamin E include nuts, seeds, fish, wheatgerm oil, liver oil, sunflower oil, eggs, milk and leafy vegetables.

3. Vitamin A: Vitamin A evens out your skin tone and prevents acne and dry, itchy skin. ItBest sources include carrot, beetroot, egg yolk, meat (liver) and dairy products.

4. Biotin: Healthy hair depend on a constant supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients. Biotin prevents hairloss and keeps your hair healthy. It also helps people with brittle nails. Best source of Biotin is nuts – half a cup of peanuts or almonds is good. You can also have peanut butter. It is also found in cauliflower, cheese, eggs, fish, brown rice.

5. Selenium: The mineral selenium and vitamin E work together as skin plumpers and help in keeping the skin smooth and elastic. Selenium also fights damage to cells, caused by smoking or pollution. Best sources include whole wheat products, fish, shellfish, meat(esp kidney), eggs, chicken and garlic. Vegetables grown in selenium rich soil are also good sources.

6. Bioflavonoids: These compounds are potent antioxidants and boost collagen synthesis. Best sources include all brightly colored fruits and veggies like carrots, mangoes, berries, papaya, melon, tomatoes, sweet potato and dark green leafy vegetables.

7. Omega 3 fatty acids: Apart from preventing heart disease, Omega 3 fatty acids also fight inflammation. Some dermatologists prescribe fish or fish oil capsules for those who don’t eat fish to mend damaged skin and hair. Food sources include oily fish like sardines, salmon, cod, mackerel. Flax seeds and its oil are also good sources.

8. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): It is rich in antioxidants and aids in cellular regenration. It regulates blood sugar and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Food sources include organ meats like liver and kidney.

9. Zinc: Deficiency in zinc leads to acne, dandruff and slow wound healing. Best food sources include oysters, crab, meat (liver), poultry, beans, eggs, milk and whole grain cereals.

10. Iron: Iron deficiency leads to dull, lifeless hair and skin. Best sources include red meat, egg yolk, chicken, shrimps, green leafy vegetables, beans, peas (legumes), cereals, dry fruits and walnuts.



  1. how do i get rid of red cheeks which have little bumps on them. i brokeout red with little oily bumps nt like pimples. this happended after using astrigent on my cheeks at my friends house which ive never used before. how do i get rid of this??

  2. Mam,, How to get my actual color,i dono.bcoz of the hot my skin bcuming dark. Face ok its the actual color medium ,, but my hands,it is wrinkle and dark bcoz of the sun,, What to do… My skin is an oily skin… cream i’m using lacto calamine, soap pears… how to maintain the actual color… any idea u gv ma..

  3. Is there any remedy for pimple scar and pores. I used to have pimples long back, but now pimples have vanished and pores have left on my cheeks.
    Also suggest some for dark under eye circles.
    Thank you

  4. I have developed black layer over my face for the past 1 year. Treatment from skin specilaists is of no use. Would you please advise me some herbal treatment to back my original colour of face.

    I shall remain highly grateful.

    With regards


  5. i was very fair since birth..but in these few years i hav started getting darker..am in india and the climate is also a bit responsible..how to get back my previous colour??

  6. Beauty is only skin deep! so it doesnt matter if all you women are ugly!! be beautiful from the inside and help others who have real concerns about food,clothing and shelter and give that coconut oil and that cucumber for them to eat rahter than put it on your ugly faces. you will be born beautiful in ur next birht!!so long suckers!!!1

  7. i have developed many moles,black spots of pimples on my face,hw do i get rid of them?and my skin is quite dull please suggest me some remedies.

  8. hello Mam,, How to get my actual color,i dono.bcoz of the hot my skin bcuming dark.What to do… Mine is normal skin…pls gve me some solution pls

  9. Beauty isn’t just always on the inside, and some people are entitled to nicer skin. Anyway. A lot of these problems can be solved by just constant use of pure coconut oil. It’s good for wrinkles, pimples, and scars, plus heaps more. It’s perfectly safe for external and internal use, unless someone is allergic. Try it, it’s working for my pimples/ scars. 🙂 And also, turmeric, though it may taste disgusting, is definitely worth it. My sister had tried all sorts of products to get rid of her acne, and turmeric worked wonders for her.

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