Winter Skin Care


Winter can make your skin dry and open to the risks of wear and tear. Taking care of your skin in winter means taking care of your diet, kitchen remedies and some tips that can help you clean,tone and nourish your skin. Explore more ways to manage your skin in winter by taking a peep into the article below.

Winter can be traumatic for your skin. The harsh cool winter wind can not only set the chills down your spine but crack, peel and irritate your skin. Sun burns are often the result of deliberate attempts to seek the sun for warmth. So what is left of the skin is – dry and rough surface devoid of moisture and life.

winter skin care
If you wish to give your skin a healthier and youthful appeal you would need to take care of your diet, fluid intake and some skin care tips. Skin care tips include a three-step regime – exfoliate, tone and moisturize your skin.

Aim at protecting your skin from the sun and wind, restoring the hydrolipid barrier which contains water amino acids, urea and other naturally moisturizing factors. Lastly, and most importantly, moisturize often to hydrate your skin.


A nutritious diet to repair your skin is essential. Listed below are some details of the kind of diet you should maintain for taking care of your skin in winter:

  • Protect the lipid barrier of the skin by including soaked almonds, milk and cheese in your diet
  • Drink a cup of milk everyday
  • Eat dairy products rich in vitamin D
  • Eat fruits and vegetables for gaining essential vitamins and minerals
  • Drink plenty of warm water and juices during the day
  • Include the Indian Gooseberry in your diet which is the richest source of vitamin C
  • Drink warm and filling soups
  • Intake of flaxseed oil can help in moisturizing the skin from inside
Kitchen Remedies

Some home remedies for winter skin care are listed here below:

  • Drink warm water mixed with lemon juice
  • Massage your skin with essential oils like lavender or rose oil
  • Prepare your own winter scrub with soaked 5-6 almond mixed with ΒΌ cup of whipped milk cream. Store the mixture overnight. Then add 2 tablespoons of sesame oil and apply the mixture on your skin in fast circular motions. Then wash off with cool or warm water.

Winter skin care also implies continuous moisturizing and discovering ways to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Listed below are some winter skin care tips that can help you achieve both:

  • Exfoliate, tone and moisturize your skin with herbal and alcohol-ridden cleansers at least twice a week
  • Give your skin an oil massage before going in for a bath
  • Dress warm and in layers
  • Wear natural lip balms
  • Soak your cracked feet in warm salt water. Tap dry then massage them with almond oil or shea butter.
  • Avoid taking longer baths
  • Wear sunscreen while going out
  • Wear gloves and socks
  • Use humidifiers instead of central heating
  • Exercise daily
  • Use the ground green gram paste instead of soap
  • Add essential oils to your bathing water
  • Massage your skin with herbal moisturizers after taking a shower or bath
  • Avoid licking your lips
  • Use oil-free cosmetics if you have oily skin
  • Avoid fast food if you have oily skin
  • Cleanse and tone twice daily if you are suffering from oily skin
  • Sleep comfortably warm and for enough number of hours
  • Change wet clothes and shoes immediately

Winter skin care is absolutely important for treating dry and dehydrated skin. Just take care of these areas for protecting your skin in winter – clothing, moisturizing and diet.


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