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Advantages and disadvantages of laser surgery

Posted on May 24, 2006 in Skin & Hair Remedies

The word laser means “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission”. Laser is widely used in different types of diseases since 50 years. Different types of lasers are used for different types of purposes. Laser used for hair removal are different from one that is used to remove scars.

Advantages of Laser Surgery:

  1. Results are good in cosmetic sense
  2. Multiple lesions could be treated with laser surgery
  3. Birthmarks and pigmented lesions could also be treated with laser which was considered as untreatable in past
  4. Less complication after treatment.

Disadvantages of Laser Surgery:

  1. Laser surgery is costly as equipment are very costly
  2. Multiple laser could be required for treatment
  3. Any type of local infection could complicate laser treatment.
  4. Scarring or altered skin texture is also a possibility

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  1. adam Says:

    Do you know any treatment that gets rid of your beard, around 3 years.

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