Stopping Flatulence or Stomach Gas

Lets look at some of the ways of stopping flatulence. Passing gas and that too at a public place is quiet embarrassing and is considered a bad manner. 1-2 times a day is said to be normal. In children this type of phenomenon is called burping.

Some people try to suppress it and due to it he/she is exposing themselves to abdominal discomfort. After food, we often expel gas from the mouth. We take this air while eating. If there is a sour taste after it, it is a sign of indigestion.

The gas is formed due to food not being digested properly. Food consumed must be broken down to sugar and amino acids in order to be consumed by the body. In certain foods, the complex sugars stops the breakdown process. This is due to the fact that person does not produce enough enzymes or the enzyme is not strong enough to do that. This food enters large intestine and begins to ferment which produces carbon dioxide hence Gas.

Causes of flatulence
The common causes of flatulence are improper evacuation of stools from rectum. It is often foul smelling. Some types of antibiotics also contribute in this by changing the normal range of bacteria in intestine. Cabbage, beans, and whole wheat bread are also the causes of flatulence. Gas formation could also happen due to lactose intolerance of the body.

Stopping Flatulence, natural cures, treatments for Gas
Lets have a look at some of the ways and means for Stopping Flatulence, natural cures flatulence, treatments for flatulences.
# Mix cardamom, asafetida, black salt and dry ginger. Make powder out of this mixture. Take it 2-3 times a day.
# Take 1 tsp of mixture of celery seeds (2 gm), anisi seeds (1 gm) with sugar in lukewarm water.
# Avoid heavy smoking.
# Control your daily intake of cold drinks and tea to few per day.
# Don't hog
# Cut down the intake of sweets.