Home Remedies for Cataract

Cataract is often related to ageing. Cataract is caused due to falling of humour of brain over the pupil. Almost half of the people above 65 report this eye disease. People with diabetes develop cataract before a person without it by about 10 years. Surgery is the best solution for this type of problem. However home remedies for cataract could be tried as well for some relief before you go for a surgery.

In cataract the eye lens through which light travels into the interior of the eye becomes opaque. This condition restricts the entrance of light into the eye. Blindness could also occur in this if no light rays could permeate the opacity of the lens.

Cataract Symptoms:
Formation of cloud like things occurs in lens of the eyes, which is primarily transparent. Due to this, the clouds interfere in the way of light, which is to be passed through the lens to the back of the eyes. People suffering from Cataract often report blurry or double vision. Nutrition of the lens lessens affecting the vitality of the fibers of delicate lens. Irritation of the lens happend too. This problem could lead to total loss of sight too. If cataract is not cured in time, it often leads to Glaucoma.

Causes of cataract:
Causes of cataract includes:

  1. Malnutrition
  2. Deficiency of vitamin A or B
  3. High Myopia
  4. Diabetes
  5. Ageing
  6. Eye infection
  7. Poisons in the blood on account of dietetic errors.
  8. Improper life styles.
  9. Stress as well as strain.
  10. Excessive use of the eyes causes the lens to become weak.
  11. Local irritation.
  12. Too much intake of alcohol, sugar and salt.
  13. Smoking.
  14. Physical ailments such as diabetes, gall bladder disturbances, vitamin deficiencies, intolerance to fatty acids.
  15. Radiation.
  16. Side-effects of drugs.

Home remedies for cataract - Herbal remedies for cataract:

  1. Home remedies for cataract with Triphala water: The eyes for the people suffering from Cataract should be washed with triphala water. To make triphala water, add 1 tsp of powder in 1 glass of water and let it stay overnight. Filter it in the morning and use it to wash your eyes.
  2. Home remedy for cataract with carrot: Plenty of carrot should be consumed daily. Alternative to eating raw carrot, take carrot juice twice daily. This will not give a complete relief but would help.
  3. Home remedy for cataract with garlic: Garlic a wander herb is also beneficial in cataract. For best results chew 2-3 cloves of garlic daily. Garlic is not so good in taste if consumed raw, so keep a glass of milk or juice and take once cloves are chewed completely.Garlic cleanses the crystalline lens of the eye.
  4. Six grams of aniseed could be taken daily in the morning and evening for fast relief.
  5. Mixture of brown sugar, coriander powder and aniseed is beneficial in treatment of Cataract. 12 grams of the mixture should be taken during morning and evening.
  6. Avoid exposure to bright light and heat if you are suffering from the disease.
  7. Fresh air and light exercise is also beneficial in long run not in this disease but for your body as a whole.
  8. Pumpkin flower juice is also very good.
  9. Placing some drops of honey is also good.
  10. Take six grams of aniseeds on daily basis in the morning as well as in the evening.
  11. One can also take equal amounts of aniseeds as well as coriander powder and mix them brown sugar. The mixture needs to be taken in doses of about 12 grams.
  12. Grapes and oranges also help in the healing process of the cataract. Begin the diet with these fruits.
  13. Raw salad is also good for cataract. Salads with lemon or live oil dressing are very beneficial.
  14. Soaked dates, raisins and figs are a good natural remedy for cataract.
  15. Cauliflower, turnips, spinach, fenugreek, few nuts, and drum sticks are good for health.
  16. Refined cereals, potatoes, breads, strong tea, refined cereals, alcohol, coffee, pickles, smoking, sauces, pickles and junk foods need to be avoided.
  17. Prepare infusion of such juices as carrots and parsley.
  18. Soak some almonds in milk overnight. The following morning add some sandalwood to the mixture and apply the past to the eyelids.
  19. Use sunglasses to protect the eyes from direct rays of the sun.
  20. One must rest the eyes regularly.
  21. Acupressure is also good for the eyes.
  22. Chiropractic activities and reflexology activities help the eyes to make them disease free and healthy.

Cataracts can prevent you from seeing properly. Normally, most people use surgical methods or laser treatment to remove it. But home remedies are also available and have proved to be beneficial.