Health Benefits of Garlic

This bulbous plant is related to onion, chives, and leeks and belongs to the Allium vegetable. It is being cultivated for over 5,000 years and its potency acknowledged over 500 years. It belongs to Central Asia. Chinese folk traditions have appreciated the medicinal value of garlic. In the East, it is used in the preparation of various curry dishes. It has a very pungent taste. It contains chemicals that protect our body from many illnesses and diseases.

One can eat garlic raw or sprinkle it in curries preferably ten minutes before final cooking. One may not like its smell, but it is worth eating. One can take parsley to avoid garlic breath.

Garlic is used for flavoring condiments and food items. Garlic products have gained much popularity in the last decade. It can be grown throughout the year under mild climatic conditions.

Garlic has high nutritional value. It is high in Vitamin B6, manganese and vitamin C. It is low in sugar, saturated fat and sodium. It contains a lot of calcium, selenium and phosphorous and has no cholesterol.

Health Benefits of Garlic
  • Useful in the treatment of common cold as well as flu.
  • Beneficial in treating symptoms of acne.
  • Can help manage high levels of cholesterol.
  • Effective as a mosquito repellant.
  • It contains sulphur, which is beneficial to health.
  • It is a natural antibiotic.
  • Contains antioxidants, which protect the body from "free radicals".
  • It has blood cleansing properties.
  • Blood pressure comes down after taking garlic.
  • Helps in preventing blood clots.
  • It is also a decongestant.
  • It contains anti-inflammation properties.
  • Lowers chances of cancer, especially stomach cancer.
  • It is anti-diarrheal.
  • It has diuretic activity.
  • It is estrogenic.
  • Garlic combats bacteria.
  • It tends to lift moods.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lessen the onset of cancer.
  • Stimulates immune system.
  • Physical strength is restored.
  • Radioprotection.
  • Used for intestinal disorders.
  • Remedy for skin diseases.
  • Beneficial in respiratory infections.
  • One can apply it on wounds to control infection.
  • Contains chemo protective ingredients.
  • Stimulates oxidation.
  • It is heptoprotective.

Garlic may taste a bit bitter, but it has much medicinal properties, which can prove beneficial to health. It adds much flavor to food items as well.