Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Did you ever hear your grandma talking about the benefits of cod liver oil? As a grown up individual, you must have come across experts in medical field confirming the words of your grandmother. This oil derived from the liver of cod fish is indeed eligible to be included in our diet plan. However, the quantity of cod liver must be decided by the recommendations taken from you dietician or physician. Here we present some of the most qualifying aspects of this oil for adding goodness to human health.

  1. Antioxidant qualities: The antioxidant qualities of cod live roil is provided by the presence of vitamin A in high quantity. Thus, cod liver oil may be consumed as an anti ageing agent to keep your skin young and fresh.
  2. Eyesight: The benefits of cod liver oil may also include improvement of weak eye sight in humans. This oil contains vitamin A, the essential ingredient for good health of the eyes.
  3. Reproductive health: Again, the presence of vitamin A in large quantities in cod liver oil may also ensure good reproductive health by keeping the reproductive cells in normal working conditions.
  4. Heart diseases: The cod live roil contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are helpful in keeping the body fit against heart diseases. Also, colitis and arthritis are other health issues, which may be subjected to cod liver oil for treatment.
  5. Bone disorders: the existence of vitamin D in cod liver oil helps it to exhibit the qualities for treating a number of bone disorders. First of all, it enhances the process of calcium absorption in human body. It also helps in treating problems like osteoporosis as well as rickets.
  6. Depression: The cod liver oil is also considered for treating abnormal states of human minds, as it contains a valuable ingredient called EPA fatty acid. More than that this oil is helpful in ensuring the stability of emotional health of human beings.
  7. Nervous system health: Due to existence of fatty acids like DHA in cod liver oil, it may also be consumed to treat nervous disorders. The studies have proved that cod liver oil consumed by patients keep their overall nervous system health on good track.
  8. Cold and cough: The cod liver oil also proves its essence in treating winter season health issues like cold and cough.
  9. Bronchitis: The respiratory disorders like bronchitis are also treatable by cod liver oil, when taken under strict recommendations of your doctor.
  10. Digestive system: The cod liver oil is also beneficial for keeping digestive system on the right track by preventing infections in mucosal linings and digestive tract lining.
  11. High blood pressure: The problem of high blood pressure may also be reduced by consuming cod liver oil, as it contain balanced amount of vitamin D.
  12. Diabetes: The cod liver oil is also helpful in regulating the level of sugar in your blood, thereby preventing the occurrence of diabetes.