Herbs for Good Luck

In the ancient and medieval times, there was a tradition among people to use herbs for good luck. With the advent of modern times, many people sounded the death knell of this time-tested tradition. Surprisingly, it crept into the modern era, despite all the gadgetry that surrounds us. The efficiency and the amazing curative properties of the herbs are the twin reasons behind the popularity of herbs.

Unlike in the past, herbs, in the present day, are viewed more as medicinal rather than magical creations. However, the goodwill generated by the herbs since time immemorial, has given it a unique place in human history and civilization. This is the reason why we use herbs for good luck even today. So which herbs are best for good luck? Let us have a look.

  1. Allspice: Incense made of allspice herb are used to promote luck, health, and happiness
  2. Chamomile: It is the gambler's lucky herb. Not long ago, gamblers were known to bathe their hands in chamomile solutions for better luck at gaming (they may be still doing it)
  3. Frankincense: The Magi presented this aromatic herb to the savior. Carrying a small piece is considered lucky
  4. Nutmeg: Long considered a charm for good luck, nutmegs are work as lockets and bracelets. They are often strung along with star anise.
  5. Sandalwood: Burnt as incense, and used in soaps and talcum powder, sandalwood is a sign of luck and prosperity.
  6. Other herbs for good luck include rosemary, thyme, spearmint, tonka bean, Job's tears, and honeysuckle.