Home Remedy to Kill Ants

Ants are a real problem if you have a kid in the house. There are over 8,800 different species of ants in the world and they are a part of environment where it helps in maintaining ecological balance. But, if it comes in your house then it is real threat especially for kids. Lets have a look at some of the home remedy to kill ants or to say home remedy ant killer.

  • Perfume could be applied to the entry points of the ants.
  • Spray bone meal bordering your garden.
  • Wash under the pet food dish with kerosene oil and put it in a larger bowl containing water.
  • Equal part of borax and confectioner sugar could be used to kill ants.
  • Soapy water spray also helps to get rid of ants.
  • Spray vinegar on the entry path of ants like window frame, door etc.
  • Keeping a cinnamon stick in the path of ants also helps in preventing their entry
  • Spray adhesive materials in and around base of plants and trees to stop ants, which can carry and colonize aphids.
  • Pour boiling water over the nest
  • Spread a line of cream of tartar or chili powder on the entry point of ants to the house and they will not cross it.